Cedar Rapids Gazette Teaching business basics to medical students

The Tippie College of Business and the Carver College of Medicine have teamed up to create a certificate program that provides the basics of business education to medical students, who often receive little or no business training prior to graduation. 

This image shows atomic hydrogen scattering sunlight in the upper atmosphere of Mars, as seen by the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph on NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission. About 400,000 observations, taken over the course of four days

MAVEN mission observes ups and downs of water escaping from Mars

UI research contributing to latest findings
University of Iowa scientists have contributed to the latest findings about what happened to the water on early Mars. Jasper Halekas, investigator on the MAVEN mission, led one of several studies that revealed swings in the planet’s water loss depended on Mars’s distance from the sun.
university of iowa seal

Board of Regents proposes tuition for 2017–18

Increases could take effect in summer 2017
The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, is proposing increases to tuition and mandatory fees; the College of Engineering is proposing additional supplemental tuition.

Live stream: Choral Collage Concert, Oct. 19, 2016

The University of Iowa School of Music will live stream the Oct. 19 Choral Collage Concert, beginning at 7:25 p.m. CDT. The ensemble will perform in the Voxman Music Building Concert Hall.
The Klais Organ

The Klais organ

The journey to find the music building’s biggest instrument
Of all the new instruments in the University of Iowa’s Voxman Music Building, the most notable might be the majestic Klais organ newly installed in the 700-seat concert hall.
jacob heiden at driving simulator

UI grad’s student employment put him on the road to his career

Jacob Heiden landed a job at UI’s NADS after working there his senior year
Jacob Heiden spent his last year of college working at the UI’s National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS). Now he’s a research support coordinator there and focuses on educating middle school students and others about the dangers of using a smartphone while driving.
Marc and Brandi Janssen, well-loved Iowa roots musicians, entertained faculty and staff during a We Are Phil lunchtime gathering in the College of Public Health. Brandi is a faculty member in the college and director of Iowa’s Center for Agricultural S

Philanthropic week filled with activity

Revisit scenes from We Are Phil campaign
Oct. 10 through 14 marked the fourth annual We Are Phil giving appeal for University of Iowa faculty and staff. Last week, faculty and staff volunteers hosted more than 40 events across campus, where they collected pledges and donations and shared their own stories about philanthropy.