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Resources and contact information for news media are available on the media resources page of the Office of Strategic Communication website.

Sharing information

Have a news item or story idea to share? You can do so using the webform below.

Submitting a feature

The achievements section is a way to highlight good news about faculty and staff. Examples of an achievement include:

  • Appointments to campus, state, national, and international posts or organizations
  • Honors, awards, and other recognitions
  • Grants supporting research, academic, or other programs
  • Publications representing timely research papers, books, or other publications by the UI faculty and staff

Campus events can be submitted to the UI Events Calendar: Events of broad campus interest may be highlighted on the Iowa Now home page.

In the News and UI Spotlight highlight stories published other websites—let us know if you spot a notable headline.

Iowa Now publishes the latest news and information about the university and its people, as well as news you can use—information that is helpful to you as an employee or as a person.

Ideal stories might:

  • Advance and reflect the university’s missions
  • Showcase what makes Iowa great—strong academics, impact across the state and beyond, a distinctive campus culture
  • Appeal to faculty and staff
  • Present opportunities for strong visual elements, such as photos and video

Iowa Now emails are a curated list of timely and important news and information sent weekly (each Thursday) to all faculty and staff.

If you have an item you’d like us to consider sharing in an upcoming email, contact us using the webform below.

Information must be shared at least one week in advance for consideration. The deadline to provide assets for a Thursday email (photo, proposed email text, and a website link) is 5 p.m. on Monday.

While Iowa Now emails are not a vehicle for promoting campus events, we will consider sharing an event using these criteria:

  • Reflects the university’s strategic priorities (for example, DEI Heritage Month events)
  • Represents an area of distinction for the university (for example, writing or neuroscience)
  • Has broad appeal to faculty and staff
  • Enhances the university’s reputation in an engaging, informative, and representative way (for example, the annual Presidential Lecture or Lecture Committee series)
  • Is designed for large attendance (for example, will take place in a large auditorium or venue)
  • Does not displace other critical, timely content that must be shared

Share Your News

Limit submissions to work published within the past 60 days.
Please describe your level of involvement (e.g. corresponding author, first author, contributing author, other).
Please describe your findings of the study written in language a middle-school pupil would understand. 
Please describe why this type of research matters to the general public.
Please describe what the research findings mean to you.
Please list the funders of this particular study.
Limit submissions to work published within the past 60 days.
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