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Cedar Rapids Gazette Teaching business basics to medical students

The Tippie College of Business and the Carver College of Medicine have teamed up to create a certificate program that provides the basics of business education to medical students, who often receive little or no business training prior to graduation. 

Eating disorder gene alters behavior in female mice

Study also identifies first biological pathway associated with risk of developing an eating disorder
Giving mice a gene mutation linked to eating disorders in people causes behavioral abnormalities similar to symptoms often seen in humans. Only female mice are affected by the mutation, and some of the abnormalities depend on whether the females are housed alone or with other mice.
david soll in his lab

Iowa’s cancer-fighting antibody bank

UI home to antibody collection valued at $250 million, priceless in application
Around the corner from University of Iowa biology professor David Soll’s office is an exclusive reservoir of biological agents used by researchers worldwide seeking to cure cancer. Its mission is deeply personal for Soll. He lost his wife to cancer, and he wants to put an end to the disease.

Can we find more benign nanomaterials?

Chemist group wins NSF award to access supercomputer network
UI chemist Sara Mason has won a grant to access a supercomputer network funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation. Mason’s group will use its time to better define the atom-to-atom interactions of various nanoparticles, hoping to learn more about the particles’ effects on energy, the environment, and human health.
Charles Brenner, PhD

Type of vitamin B3 safely boosts levels of important cell metabolite

First clinical trial for nicotinamide riboside shows promise
The first controlled clinical trial of a newly discovered form of vitamin B3, nicotinamide riboside (NR), has shown that the compound is safe for humans. The study also shows NR increases levels of a cell metabolite that is critical for cellular energy production and protection against stress and DNA damage.