Protein dictates speed at which chromosomes pair up, pass DNA
University of Iowa researchers have found a protein that regulates how chromosomes pair up and pass genetic information. FDK-6 dictates the speed at which maternal and paternal chromosome strands move and join in roundworms. The findings were published online this month in “The Journal of Cell Biology.”
university of iowa seal
UI President Bruce Harreld addresses the recently announced reduction in state funding and asks the campus community for its support.
Specially trained team to address concerns of bias
The University of Iowa is launching a new Campus Inclusion Team to help students deal with bias concerns on campus.
man working on laptop in home office
Study may change perception of benefits of work-at-home option
Telecommuting may not be as advantageous as employees think. A new study shows working from home adds extra hours to the work week, at little additional pay. The findings may change workers’ perceptions of the value of telecommuting and could spur employers to better define the work-at-home workday.
rachel zuckerman portrait
UI Student Government President Rachel Zuckerman welcomes students back to campus
UI Student Government President Rachel Zuckerman welcomes students back to campus, recaps some of UISG’s accomplishments, and looks forward to the new semester.
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Two-factor authentication to be required for Employee Self Service website
UI employees who haven’t yet enrolled in Two-Step Login with Duo Security must do so by Feb. 22. Two-Step Login is an IT security measure that helps protect critical data and systems for the university and its people.
students in high school classroom
UI student group teaches financial literacy to at-risk Iowa City students
Finance majors in the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business meet every week with students from Iowa City High School and Iowa City West High School to mentor and to teach financial-literacy skills.
Usha Mallik portrait
UI physicist Usha Mallik searches for ‘bottom quark’ that could confirm existence of ‘God particle’
University of Iowa physicist Usha Mallik is at the forefront of the search to confirm the existence of a particle believed to give mass to all matter. Her group helped build and operates a sub-detector to search for bottom quarks, which are thought to appear when a Higgs boson decays.
merging galaxy imagery
UI astrophysicist wins National Science Foundation grant to study just that
Galaxies are merging all the time, even our own galaxy, the Milky Way. But how these mergers occur isn’t entirely clear. University of Iowa astrophysicist Hai Fu will use a National Science Foundation grant to find and characterize supermassive black holes associated with merging galaxies.
Close-up color image of legs on treadmill.
Live Healthy Iowa program runs Jan. 23 through March 31
The Live Healthy Iowa program returns for a 10-week run in 2017, encouraging UI faculty and staff to organize teams “Just for the Health of It.” The 2017 program starts Jan. 23 and runs through March 31.