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How Exercise Strengthens Your Brain

Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Physical activity improves cognitive and mental health in all sorts of ways. Here’s why, and how to reap the benefits. In this New York Times article, Michelle Voss, associate professor of psychological and brain sciences, talks about how exercise protects against neurodegenerative diseases.

Clarkonomics 101: The numbers behind Caitlin Clark's impact on women's basketball

Monday, March 25, 2024
Jeffrey Ohlmann, associate professor of business analytics, examines the numbers behind Caitlin Clark’s success and how she’s changing the game of women’s basketball in a two-minute clip for ESPN.

'Martyr!' plays its subject for laughs but is also deadly serious

Friday, March 22, 2024
In his first novel, the Iranian American poet Kaveh Akbar asks whether our pain matters, and to whom, and how it might be made to matter more. Akbar is an associate professor of English and director of the English and creative writing major at Iowa.

Caitlin Clark and Iowa find peace in the process

Thursday, March 21, 2024
Being Caitlin Clark: Inside the world of the player who redefined the game

Daily Iowan buys two local papers saving them from closure

Monday, March 18, 2024
The Daily Iowan, a non-profit university newspaper, has purchased two local newspapers saving them from shutting down. Students from the University of Iowa will help both papers cover their communities.

UI's Aron Aji named 2024 National Book Awards judge

Thursday, March 14, 2024
Aron Aji, director of the Translation programs at Iowa, was named a 2024 National Book Awards judge. He has translated poetry and prose by Turkish writers, including Bilge Karasu, Ferit Edgu, Murathan Mungan, and Ebru Ojen.

1-on-1 with college basketball phenom Caitlin Clark

Thursday, March 7, 2024
ABC News' Robin Roberts sat down exclusively with basketball star Caitlin Clark to talk about her historic college career and why she's making the jump to the WNBA now.

Despite regent report, lawmaker ‘very concerned that there's an administrative problem’

Wednesday, March 6, 2024
According to a national assessment of public universities over what increasingly is criticized as “administrative bloat,” Iowa essentially is tied with Hawaii for spending the least on administrators, according to a new state Board of Regents report. Administrative costs per full-time student across Iowa’s three public four-year universities accounted for 5.8 percent of the total “core” expenditures in the 2022 budget year — second only to Hawaii’s 5.6 percent, and well below adjacent states like South Dakota, at 13 percent; Minnesota, with 12 percent; and Missouri at 10 percent.

Caitlin Clark shoots past Pete Maravich on an epic day in Iowa City

Monday, March 4, 2024
Too much to describe happened in this ardent college town Sunday, so you’re better off not even trying to describe it. Start trying, and soon you’re pulled like mutant taffy toward this sight or that and that sound or this from a crammed senior day at Iowa, the day Caitlin Clark passed “Pistol” Pete Maravich to top all major college point-gatherers.

Clarissa Chun, Iowa women's wrestling head coach, is a USA TODAY Women of the Year honoree

Thursday, February 29, 2024
Clarissa Chun, head coach of the Iowa women's wrestling program, is one of the nominees for USA TODAY’s Women of the Year program, a recognition of women who have made a significant impact in their communities and across the country.