Honors Pieper elected to American Society for Clinical Investigation

Andrew Pieper, professor of psychiatry and member of the Pappajohn Biomedical Institute, has been selected for membership in the American Society for Clinical Investigation, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected medical honor societies
illustration of student texting rather than doing the homework on the desk in the background

Sometimes, adolescents just can't resist

University of Iowa study finds teenagers are far more sensitive than adults to the immediate effect or reward of their behaviors
A University of Iowa study finds teenagers are far more sensitive than adults to the immediate effect or reward of their behaviors. Even when a behavior is no longer in a teenager’s best interest to continue, they will because the effect of the reward is still there and lasts much longer in adolescents than in adults.
doctor using telemedicine technology

KWQC Telemedicine: growth and uses

UI psychiatrist Jennifer McWilliams says telemedicine has increased psychiatric services in parts of the state that lack them, noting technology is helping address a shortage of doctors in rural areas and connecting specialists to those that need them immediately, including stroke patients.

Science Daily Brain circuits link obsessive-compulsive behavior and obesity

A new study from the University of Iowa suggests the brain circuits that control obsessive-compulsive behavior are intertwined with circuits that control food intake and body weight. The findings have implications for treating compulsive behavior, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, and eating disorders.

Human brain is divided on fear and panic

New study contends different areas of brain responsible for external versus internal threats
Researchers at the University of Iowa say the human brain has a new, second gatekeeper that registers fear. The region, perhaps the brainstem, diencephalon or insular cortex, signals fear from internal dangers. The finding could lead to more precise treatment for people suffering from panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. Results appear in “Nature Neuroscience.”
John Hosp participates in roundtable discussion on mental health care in Iowa

KWWL UI experts discuss mental health care in Iowa

James Potash, head of the Department of Psychiatry in UI Hospitals and Clinics, and John Hosp, chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning in the UI’s College of Education, were two of more than a dozen experts who participated in a recent mental health roundtable discussion.