computer modeling

Virtual vehicle vibrations

UI researcher designs program to predict role posture may play in reducing head, neck injuries
A UI researcher has designed a computer program that allows engineers to accurately predict the role posture plays in transferring the stress of vehicle motion to bone and muscle in the head and neck.
(Image: Dragos Vasilescu, University of Iowa and the University of British Columbia)

New Scientist Lung maze modelled in 3-D thanks to UI research team

A University of Iowa-led research team created the most detailed three-dimensional model of a region of the mouse lung where breathed air collects. The team thinks the model can be used to track how inhaled gases move through the complex system of airways in the lungs and how some lung diseases, such as emphysema, originate and develop.

The image shows the pulmonary acini of a mouse lung, based on the most detailed 3D representation of the region.

A mammal lung, in 3D

Researchers create model of mysterious region
A University of Iowa-led research team has created the most detailed, three-dimensional rendering of a key region of a mammal lung. The model is important, because it can help scientists understand where and how lung diseases emerge as well as advance how drugs are delivered through the respiratory system. Results appear in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”