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Susan Rice, Nelson Mandela, and Secretary of State Warren Christopher emerge from a meeting after negotiations witih Ron McMullen in the background.

Eating cookies with Mandela

UI professor recalls Mandela's deft handling of a tricky diplomatic moment
Instead of refusing a meeting, Nelson Mandela ran out the clock on the U.S. Secretary of State by making small talk and serving cookies to a U.S. delegation.
welcome tent for UI alumni

Welcome, all

Whatever your degree, college, or graduation year, the UIAA offers a friendly connection to the university
The University of Iowa Alumni Association strives not only to enrich the lives of members of the Hawkeye family but also to support the growth, spirit, and legacy of the university.
stylized DNA strand

The science of evolution

Faculty members respond to recent Campus Voices article
Today the overwhelming majority of scientists in Iowa, the United States, and across the world agree that biological evolution explains the diversity of life on our planet.
bright star burst like light

Common ground

A case for ending the animosity between science and religion
Scientists and people of faith, and those who are both, can learn a lot from one another about the incredible universe we all live in.

Health pledge

To achieve Blue Zones Worksite designation, UI employees are committing to adopt healthy behaviors
The University of Iowa is seeking to become a Blue Zones Worksite, and the last piece of the puzzle is a personal pledge from at least 25 percent of our employees to commit to at least one healthy behavioral change.

Community collaborators

Engaging communities in research opens broad new avenues for scholars
You may have heard terms like public engagement, civic engagement, public scholarship, community-based research or participated in discussions on the importance of outreach. And maybe you wondered what these words mean in the context of your work/life at the university and as an Iowa resident.
Kinnick sculpture

The Masterpiece Unfinished: Remembering friend and artist Larry Nowlan

Sculptor of UI's Kinnick, Gable statues leaves behind legacy, family
For the millions who will step onto the University of Iowa campus in the years to come, their visits will be made richer because of a man whose time with us was far too short.

Cultural diplomacy's 'strange truths'

With few books and fewer patrons, Turkmen library surprises UI writers
Who could guess that in the heart of the Karakum Desert we would be introduced to a romance writer from our own country? Such is the beauty of cultural diplomacy: we learn strange truths; dispel stereotypes and correct misimpressions; meet one another on common ground, this time in a library.
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Living in a digital world

Tips to help 'Digital Natives' navigate the social dilemmas of a digital world
Living a life immersed in technology has become part of the culture for digital natives and one unfamiliar to many parents and educators. Adults need to work on finding ways to help teens navigate the social dilemmas of a digital world.
portrait of Katherine Valde wearing HOUSE party T-shirt


New student government leaders envision stronger student engagement with campus, state
UI undergraduates have elected new student government leaders from the HOUSE Party (Helping Our University and Students Engage,) which aims engage both students and the university community at large.