alcohol abuse

Does discrimination increase drinking?

Researchers at the University of Iowa have found alcohol abuse is linked to discrimination
Researchers at the University of Iowa have found another negative health outcome linked to discrimination: alcohol abuse.

Protein controls both alcohol craving and organ damage

Study suggests targeting RGS6 protein might allow both treatment of alcoholism and prevention of alcohol-induced heart and liver damage
A University of Iowa study in mice shows that disrupting one protein can simultaneously curb alcohol cravings and protect the heart and liver from alcohol-induced damage. The findings suggest that the RGS6 protein may be a useful drug target both for treating alcoholism and reducing the organ damage caused by chronic alcohol consumption.
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Best friends influence when teenagers have first drink

UI study notes friends' access to alcohol as main reason
A study by a University of Iowa-led research team has found that teenagers who exhibit problem drinking likely got their first drink from a friend. The reason, the researchers explain, is that friends who drink are more likely to have access to alcohol and are more likely to influence when their buddies first drink. The finding is part of a formula that may help specialists intervene before problem drinking arises in at-risk adolescents. Findings published in the journal Pediatrics.