Carver College of Medicine

UI students help public interpret DNA ancestry tests

Student group educates those interested in ordering a genetic test or interpreting the results
UI students are helping Iowans better understand their ancestry and their DNA. Under the supervision of faculty adviser Bryant McAllister, associate professor in the UI Department of Biology, the students participate in monthly meetings to educate those in the community interested in ordering a DNA test or interpreting results.

UI to teach business and leadership skills to health care providers across Iowa

First program will be at Iowa Medical Society conference April 29
A new partnership among three University of Iowa colleges is training doctors in the ways of business. The Office of Healthcare Leadership Education (OHLE) will help Iowa health care providers better understand the economic forces at work in their practices.

Honors Goldwater Foundation recognizes UI undergraduate researchers

Jacob Isbell, a member of the University of Iowa Honors Program and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has been named a 2017 Goldwater Scholar. The Goldwater Foundation also recognized UI junior Lance Heady with an honorable mention.

Financial math may help build a better HIV vaccine

UI microbiologists accurately predict evolution of HIV surface proteins using concepts from stock price prediction models
What do particle diffusion and stock price prediction have to do with building a better HIV vaccine? According to University of Iowa microbiologist Hillel Haim, you can apply concepts from both to predict the evolution of HIV surface proteins, making it easier to design effective vaccines.
Melanoma cells move quickly, extending cables to reel in other cells and form tumors

UI researchers document how melanoma tumors form

Team identifies drugs that halt skin cancer metastasis in lab tests
University of Iowa researchers have documented for the first time how melanoma cells form tumors. The team reports the process is similar to that of breast cancer cells, and they have successfully screened for two antibodies that stopped tumor formation in both cancers. Results published in the journal “PLOS One.”

High-dose vitamin C proves safe and well-tolerated in brain and lung cancer trials

Study identifies flaws in cancer cell metabolism that make high-dose vitamin C toxic to tumor cells
Evidence is growing that adding high-dose, intravenous vitamin C to standard chemotherapy and radiation treatment may improve outcomes for patients with a wide range of cancers. Researchers with Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa report promising results from a phase 1 clinical trial.
three undergraduates sitting in research facility

UI undergrads tackle pressing health problems

In UI research labs, students learn life lessons and contribute to scientific discovery
Researchers at the UI’s Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building are working to eradicate diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s—and they rely on undergraduates for help. As early as their first year, UI undergrads get hands-on research experience and make important contributions to their fields.
rat cerebellum

Brain stimulation improves schizophrenia-like cognitive problems

Cerebellar stimulation restores missing brain wave in rats and corrects timing deficit
University of Iowa researchers have found that by stimulating the cerebellum of rats with schizophrenia-like cognitive problems, they can normalize brain activity in the frontal cortex and correct the rats’ ability to estimate the passage of time. Difficulty accurately measuring time is common issue experienced by people with schizophrenia.