Nicole Brogden

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics
Associate Professor of Dermatology, Carver College of Medicine

Brogden is both a clinical pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Dermatology. Her research program explores the skin as a means of drug delivery, and as a portal for understanding underlying pathologic processes within the body. Brogden’s laboratory provides a translational and interdisciplinary setting in which clinical and laboratory research intersect, allowing a fluid transition between benchtop, animal, and human studies. Specifically, the following areas are currently being explored: 1) Development of microneedle delivery techniques for patients with challenging drug delivery needs, focusing primarily on pediatric and geriatric populations. 2) Formulation of innovative cutaneous drug preparations for treatment of localized skin disorders. 3) Elucidation of age-related changes in skin barrier and mediator expression as related to immunosenescence and the development of age-related dermatology conditions.

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Research areas
  • Skin-based drug delivery systems
  • Microneedle-assisted drug delivery
  • Working with human subjects in clinical studies
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