Road is key enabling project for new inpatient tower
Thursday, June 20, 2024

Construction of a new road connecting Newton Road to the University of Iowa Health Care university campus is underway.

The south end of the road will extend between Hospital Parking Ramp 1 and the General Hospital pavilion, ending at the site of the current fountain entrance. 

Along Newton Road, a roundabout will be installed north of the Center for Disabilities and Development and west of the Hardin Library for Health Sciences.

A map showing the location of the new road

The new road is one of several projects that need to be completed before construction on the new inpatient tower can begin. 

Because the inpatient tower will be built on the footprint of existing Hospital Parking Ramp 1 and the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center, the new road is needed to ensure efficient access to UI Health Care university campus.

Multiple phases

Phase one

The first phase of the project, which included some grading of the area and installation of barriers, is complete.

Phase two

The second phase, which has multiple parts and is expected to take place from mid-June to mid-September, will include replacement of underground water and sewer lines. Alternating traffic along Newton Road will be maintained until mid-September.

Sidewalks along Newton Road will close, and pedestrian access will be rerouted around the construction area.

The loading dock at the Dental Science Building will remain open at all times.

The Hardin Library and VA Hospital bus stops are closed.

Phase three

During phase three, which is expected to take place from the end of July until late August, the current VA Loop bus stop will be eastbound service only. 

Temporary bus stops will be installed adjacent to the Dental Science Building and Medical Education Research Facility.

Phase four

Phase four, which is expected to take place from mid-August to early December, will include additional utility work, grading and paving of the new road and roundabout, and installation of the improved bus loop at its current location.

The current VA Loop bus stop, which serves about 500 transit stops a day, will close to all routes. The new bus loop will accommodate up to five buses at a time and allow riders to easily identify which direction a bus is traveling. Eventually, the road will serve as an additional exit for Hospital Parking Ramp 2. The project also will allow the university to consider improvements for bicycling and walking paths in the area.

Construction of the road is expected to be substantially complete by December 2024. Projected cost is $17.5 million.

Stay tuned

As work on the road project progresses, stay tuned to Iowa Now and The Loop for additional updates that may affect your commute to and from work or travel around campus. Cambus and city transit riders are encouraged to download the Transit App and pin the routes you ride to receive service alerts.