Monday, May 20, 2024

As progress continues on the Interstate 80/First Avenue interchange at exit 242 in Coralville, please be aware of these traffic changes that will take place starting May 23. The changes could affect your commute to and from work if you are an employee at the University of Iowa Health Care Iowa River Landing clinic, or are a patient receiving care there.

Map of I-80 exit 242 interchange

According to a notification from the city of Coralville, the new on-ramp from First Avenue to I-80 westbound will open early in the morning of May 23.

Northbound and southbound traffic on First Avenue will be one lane in each direction using both new bridges in the new diverging diamond traffic pattern. You can learn more about how to navigate diverging diamond interchanges by watching this brief video. Traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings will help motorists understand how to navigate the interchange.

Northbound and southbound traffic on First Avenue will switch to the left side of the road before passing over I-80 and then back to the right side of the road after passing over I-80. Drivers on First Avenue turning onto the I-80 on ramps will follow signs and pavement markings to complete their turns. Some of the turns will be controlled by traffic signals and some of the turns are free movements.

Bicyclists and pedestrians will use the new trail that extends from the northeast corner of East Ninth Street, through two trail tunnels, over I-80 on the trail bridge, through a new tunnel crossing under First Avenue, and connecting to the trail that continues north along the west side of First Avenue.

More information and regular updates about this project can be found here.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is reconstructing the interchange at I-80 exit 242 and First Avenue with a diverging diamond interchange. Major construction began in March 2023, and reduces First Avenue to one lane in each direction over I-80. First Avenue will remain one lane in each direction over I-80 into fall 2024.