Sunday, July 2, 2023

University of Iowa Staff Council’s service-recognition program acknowledges all professional and scientific and merit staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of continuous service. Awardees receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President.

25 Years                               
Koey Boerschel, Respiratory Care             
Kimberly Geguzis, Nursing                      
Patricia Goodwin, History                       
Anita Hemingway, Care Coordination Division   
Bobby Jones, Facilities Management        
Rusty Keeney, Nursing                      
Martha Kirby, Liberal Arts & Sciences Admin
Amy Newton, Internal Medicine Administration
Kim Plasa,  Respiratory Care             
Cathy Redlinger, Obgyn Clinic          
Anna Rhodes, Nursing                      
Michele Robertson, Respiratory Care             
Kristine Rotzoll, Hygienic Lab                                             

30 Years               
Tamara Boehme, Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Deborah Dickinson, Nursing                      
Patricia Duffe, Dental Clinic Administration 
Lori Foxen, Clinic Qual Safety & Perf Improvement
Suzanne Gorman, Nursing                      
Julie Harland, Pfs-Research Billing         
Debra Jensen, Patient Access         
Suzanne Monkman, Nursing                      
Mark Safly, Bioengineering               
Brenda Simon, Respiratory Care             
Debora Tiemens, Information and Resource Mgmt
Kevin Vanauken, Central Services
Douglas Wichhart, Bioengineering                                              

35 Years               
Marion Eden, Student Health Clinic                       
Robin Irvin, Facilities Management        
Lori Jenkins, Ui Childrens Hospital Perioperative
Lisa Lang, Ui Technology Institute      
Sandy Mast, Liberal Arts & Sciences Admin
Ricky Nicely, IMU Custodial                
James Poeschel, Housekeeping              
Jodie Rabedeaux, Microbiology Services        
Steven Stange, Surplus Equipment Operation  
Kim Stout, Patient Access         

40 Years               
Kelly Donovan, UIHC Rehabilitation Services    

45 Years               
Mary Kline, UIHC Health Information Mgmt