UI has 64 colleges and programs in 2022 rankings
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Each year, U.S. News & World Report ranks professional schools in business, education, engineering, law, medicine, and nursing. The 2022 rankings for each respective college at the UI are listed below.

12. College of Nursing—Doctor of Nursing Practice
20. College of Public Health
22. Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine—Primary Care
23. College of Nursing—Master’s
29.  College of Law
39. Carver College of Medicine—Research
48. College of Education
84. College of Engineering

Overall, the UI has 64 graduate colleges and programs ranked by U.S. News, according to the 2022 report. Ten of these programs hold top-10 rankings.

Highlights of the rankings will be published in the America’s Best Graduate Schools 2022 guidebook, which goes on sale March 30. A paid subscription is required to access all of the data.

The yearly professional school (nonspecialty) rankings are based on two types of data: expert opinions about program excellence and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school’s faculty, research, and students. The data come from surveys of administrators in relevant fields conducted during fall 2020 and early 2021.

U.S. News also periodically ranks programs in the arts, sciences, social sciences, humanities, and health. The specialty rankings are based solely on nominations by deans and deans of graduate studies, who were asked to choose programs of excellence in each specialty.

Below are all UI graduate schools, specialties, and programs, beginning with the highest ranked. The UI offers 151 graduate degree and professional degree programs.

1. Physician Assistant (Carver College of Medicine)*
2. Audiology (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences [CLAS])*
3. Social Psychology (CLAS)*
4. Nurse Practitioner: Adult/Gerontology, Primary Care (College of Nursing)
4. Physical Therapy (Carver College of Medicine)*
6. Speech-Language Pathology (CLAS)*
6. Nurse Practitioner: Adult/Gerontology, Acute Care (College of Nursing)
7. Printmaking (CLAS)*
8. Health Care Management (College of Public Health)*
9. Rehabilitation Counseling (College of Education)*
10. Nurse Anesthesia (College of Nursing)
11. Student Counseling and Personnel Services (College of Education)
12. Doctor of Nursing Practice (College of Nursing)
14. Nursing, Doctorate (College of Nursing)*
14. Family Medicine (Carver College of Medicine)
18. College of Pharmacy*
18. Clinical Psychology (CLAS)*
20. College of Public Health
22. Carver College of Medicine—Primary Care
22. Higher Education Administration (College of Education)
23. Nursing, Master’s (College of Nursing)
23. Fine Arts (CLAS)*
26. Psychology (CLAS)*
27. Internal Medicine (Carver College of Medicine)
28. Business/Corporate Law (College of Law)
28. Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering (College of Engineering)
29. College of Law
35. Library and Information Studies (Graduate College)
35. Part-time MBA (Tippie College of Business)
35. Constitutional Law (College of Law)
39. Carver College of Medicine—Research
40. Statistics (CLAS)*
40. Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems Engineering (College of Engineering)
40. English (CLAS)
40. Criminal Law (College of Law)
41. Sociology (CLAS)
41. Contract Law (College of Law)
43. International Law (College of Law)
46. Political Science (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
46. Legal Writing (College of Law)
46. Civil Engineering (College of Engineering)
47. Tax Law (College of Law)
48. History (CLAS)
48. College of Education
49. Economics (Tippie College of Business)
52. Intellectual Property Law (College of Law)
54. Biology (CLAS)*
55. Biostatistics (College of Public Health)*
57. Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering (College of Engineering)
59. Social Work (CLAS)*
60. Chemical Engineering (College of Engineering)
61. Physics (CLAS)*
62. Mathematics (CLAS)*
63. Mechanical Engineering (College of Engineering)
64. Computer Science (CLAS)*
66. Computer Engineering (College of Engineering)*
66. Electrical/Electronic Communications Engineering (College of Engineering)
66. Health Care Law (College of Law)
67. Chemistry (CLAS)*
78. Earth Sciences (CLAS)*
84. College of Engineering
90. Clinical Legal Training (College of Law)
121. Environmental Law (College of Law)
124. Trial Advocacy (College of Law)

Rankings with an asterisk (*) were not ranked for the 2022 issue of America’s Best Graduate Schools but represent the college or program’s most recent ranking.

New U.S. News rankings

This year, US News & World Report began several new rankings for colleges medicine.

The “student diversity index” was created using the percentage of enrolled students who are from underrepresented minority groups and the percent of enrolled students from underrepresented groups relative to the national population. The Carver College of Medicine was ranked 86.

The magazine also established several new rankings of the percentages of medical college alumni who practice in rural areas, who practice in geographic areas with a shortage of health care providers, and who practice primary care. The Carver College of Medicine ranked 31 in rural areas, with 8.68%; 106 in primary care, with 22.9%; and 121 in percentage of alumni practicing in areas with a shortage of care providers, with 25.69%.