Thursday, September 17, 2020

Every two years, the University of Iowa asks its members to complete a survey to better understand the campus climate pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion; establish a baseline for measuring change over time; advance work taking place on campus; and ensure people of all identities feel welcome and supported.

On Sept. 21, 2020, faculty, staff, and postdoctoral scholars and fellows will receive a link for the 2020 Campus Climate Survey. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students will not take this survey, but instead will be asked to complete the Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey during the spring 2021 semester.

“The climate survey is a vehicle for intuitional accountability,” says Interim Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Elizabeth Tovar. “Now more than ever, it’s important for our voices to be heard to convey our experiences at Iowa. The university has embedded diversity, equity, and inclusion as a core value and it’s critical that we continually evaluate our progress as an institution.”

Faculty, staff, and postdoctoral scholars and fellows will be sent a personal survey link and several reminders to complete the survey via email.

The survey will take 15 to -20 minutes to complete and will be open through Oct. 2, 2020.

Data from the 2018 Campus Climate Survey can be found here.

Results from the 2020 survey will be made available to campus by the end of the fall semester.