Where will you camp out before finals?
Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sometimes the key to concentrating is finding the right place to study. With finals week fast approaching, here’s a list of some of the best and often overlooked spots to study on campus:

1. Commons area, Adler Journalism Building

If you’re looking for pure comfort, this is the place to be. Located on the first floor, the commons is filled with soft chairs, a long couch, and multiple tables—not to mention a wall of television screens. But don’t worry, the TVs are muted, so you can study without distraction.

2. Outside deck, Art Building West

Shhh! This is one of the best-kept secrets on campus. Wrapped around the south side of this architectural beauty, the deck opens to a peaceful bend in the Iowa River where lush grass and tall trees line the banks. Lounge on the deck or stretch out on the grass; either way, you’ll find a quiet oasis.

Student studying in Burge
Commons area in Burge hall. Photo by Nicole Ooi.

3. Commons area, Burge Residence Hall

For those who can’t study without snacks and background noise, this is the spot for you. This spacious area provides plenty of room to hit the books by yourself or with a small group. Just remember: Doors to the commons area lock after certain hours. If you leave, you might not get back in.

4. Commons/lounge area, Seamans Center

Looking for a large space that’s quiet, too? This is it. Located in the middle of the engineering building, this lounge area has plenty of seating; there are even private study rooms for large groups. Better yet, the surrounding windows let in a lot of natural light.

5. Main floor, Blank Honors Center

You won’t find tables here, but there’s plenty of natural light, as well as couches and chairs.

Student studying in Main Library
Group study room in the Main Library. Photo by Nicole Ooi.

6. Group study (color-block) rooms, Main Library

If you need to study as a group, it’s tough to beat the first-floor study rooms in the Main Library. It’s best to reserve them in advance so you don’t waste time looking for an open space. Each room comes with a projection screen and walls that you can write on with a dry-erase marker.  

7. Patio, Campus Recreation & Wellness Center

This spacious rooftop puts you out there in the fresh air. There’s plenty of seating, including tables where you can study and eat a snack. You can even take a nap on one of the long patio chairs. Tip: The patio is only open during certain hours, so be sure to check that it’s available before you plan your study session there. Also, there are no outlets to charge computers or phones, so bring your electronic devices fully charged.