Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Are you leaving your office or living space over spring break? If so, remember to unplug and power down to reduce campus energy consumption. Playing your part will make campus operations more affordable, and it’s environmentally beneficial.

Here are some tips to unplug and power down before you leave:

  • Turn off or set your computer to hibernate, but check with your computer-support staff first for recommended settings.
  • Pull the plug on power strips, TVs, microwaves, coffee makers, digital clocks, task lighting, and desk lamps. When appliances are plugged in, they still use energy—even if they are turned off.
  • Turn off all lights and anything you can't unplug.
  • Close blinds to retain heat; you might open south-facing curtains or blinds to allow sunlight to naturally heat your area.
  • Turn down the heat if there are individual controls available in your area.
  • Also, if you have maintenance problems with windows, extreme temperatures, etc., report them to the Work Control Center at 319-335-5071 (or dial 159 internally for University Hospitals and Clinics).

These tips are useful if you are going to be away a week or just over the weekend. It all adds up! Your efforts help support the University of Iowa's 2020 Sustainability Vision goal of consuming less energy on campus in 2020 than consumed in 2010, despite projected growth.