HireaHawk website also making employers’ opportunities to make connections easier
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Hireahawk homepage

It’s now easier for University of Iowa students to find jobs—on and off campus—in one place thanks to changes made to the HireaHawk online recruiting system.

The UI Office of Student Financial Aid recently partnered with the Pomerantz Career Center to move all jobs to HireaHawk. Previously, students used two separate sites for job searches—JobNet for part-time hourly and work-study job postings, and HireaHawk for internships and full-time post-graduation positions.

Each UI undergraduate student has a HireaHawk account already set up for them and can view jobs by entering their HawkID and password. Graduate and professional students and alumni can access the system, but must contact the Career Center (319-335-1023 or careercenter@uiowa.edu) to set up a HireaHawk account. Students can upload a résumé, publish a résumé in a résumé book, log community involvement hours, register internships, search and apply for jobs and internships, and schedule on-campus interviews.

“We hope this will help things be more seamless for students and they’ll start using the system as early as possible during their time at the UI,” says Cindy Seyfer, senior associate director in the Office of Student Financial Aid. “That way, they’ll be able to look for student hourly jobs, if needed, and be comfortable with the system when they’re ready for that next stage of finding an internship or a full-time job and be familiar with the Career Center, which is a great resource.”

HireaHawk is free for employers. They can search résumé books (by request), post positions, and schedule on-campus interviews. The changes to the system also provide employers greater flexibility when creating job postings and contacting students once the job is filled. Employers can also have student applications accumulate online and rank the applicants, and then send automatic emails to students when the job has been filled.

Joshua Jacobs, administrator for technology at the UI College of Education's Belin-Blank Center, recently used the HireaHawk system when looking for an undergrad student employee to work with the IT team and says it helped make the process seamless.  

“We received applications from 14 students, so it was a great response,” says Jacobs. “I thought using the HireaHawk system and its process—from posting a job to letting students know the job had been filled—was easy, and I had no problems.”

Jacobs hired Noah Doershuk, an incoming sophomore from Iowa City majoring in computer engineering. Doershuk says he applied for several jobs using the system—he was able to easily find attractive opportunities among the numerous postings, thanks to a helpful filter feature.

“I enjoy my job and would encourage other students to use HireaHawk to help them find something they like too.”