May 19-20 event is an opportunity to learn, practice, and perfect a variety of classroom presentation skills
Monday, April 21, 2014

Strong classroom presentation skills can underscore a teacher's organizational skills, passion for the subject, and caring attention to student learning.

The Center for Teaching and ITS-Instructional Services are sponsoring a Faculty Institute, "Releasing Your Inner Performer: Strategies for Memorable Classroom Delivery" on May 19-20. The institute will provide an opportunity to learn, practice, and perhaps perfect a variety of classroom presentation skills, including how to:

  • draw focus to yourself and then direct it to your subject matter
  • "work the room" to advantageously use space
  • effectively leverage timing and pace
  • enhance vocal skills, including the dramatic pause
  • use color and lighting to best advantage
  • create visual images (PowerPoint) for maximum impact
  • implement audience engagement techniques perfected by theater performers

The institute will be conducted by David McGraw, Theatre Arts Department head of Stage Management; Amy Ruth McGraw, lecturer in the American Sign Language Program; and Lisa Kelly, associate director, Center for Teaching. It will utilize three different kinds of UI learning spaces: A TILE classroom, a traditional classroom, and an auditorium.

The institute will provide a supportive and relaxed "space" for participants to practice these strategies with one of their own short lectures (4-5 minutes) and a brief classroom exercise that engages their peer participants. This is not an acting workshop, but an exploration of how to adapt live performer techniques for a classroom environment.

All faculty members are welcome to attend, but seating is limited, so participants must register in advance. Click here to register.