Thursday, November 7, 2013

University of Iowa Staff Council’s service recognition program acknowledges all professional and scientific and merit staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of continuous service. Longevity Award winners receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President.

Award winners from July 2013 are listed below.

25 Years

  • Thomas Baker, Student Services
  • Maurice Barr, Facilities Management
  • Susan Brus, Pharmacy
  • Ruth Coleman, Pathology
  • Gregory Gingerich, State Hygienic Laboratory
  • Christine Hocker, Nursing Services
  • Deborah Hurd, Urology
  • Denise Hutchinson, Nursing Services
  • Alicia Kienzle, College of Medicine Administration
  • Carrie Kiser-Wacker, University Housing and Dining
  • Mary Miller, Nursing Services
  • Greg Morris, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Terry Moss, Anesthesia
  • Linn Noble, Center for Disabilities and Development
  • Diane Recknor, Neurology
  • Lori Shebetka, Nursing Services
  • Tammy Siegel, Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Environmental Services
  • David Walker, Maintenance and Engineering
  • Ardalia Williams, Nursing Services

30 Years

  • Lesa Bowles, Patient Financial Services
  • Kelly Bridenstine, Center for Diversity and Enrichment
  • Karen Dillon, Nursing Services
  • Lynne Hirleman, Library Administration
  • Kathleen Hynes, Pathology
  • Diane Lamb, Nursing Services
  • Micah Meyer, Environmental and Guest Services
  • David Miller, Nursing Services
  • Glenda Mueller, Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Paul Naumann, Pathology
  • Neil Reske, College of Dentistry
  • Margaret Sedlacek, Environmental and Guest Services
  • Richard Shannon, Iowa Memorial Union
  • Dana Wagner, Iowa Memorial Union, University Bookstore
  • Michael Walker, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Rachel White, Health Information Management

35 Years

  • Anita Forbes, College of Dentistry
  • Katherine Kral, Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Robert Parsons, Facilities Management
  • Liane Patten, Nursing Services
  • Christine Sinkey, Internal Medicine
  • Galo Stroppel, State Hygienic Laboratory
  • Judy Swafford, Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Robert Wickham, Respiratory Care
  • Rosemary Zimmerman, Journalism and Mass Communication

40 Years

  • Christina Brenneman, Mathematics
  • Adrienne Fangman, Information Technology Services-Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Patricia Troyer, Nursing Services

45 Years

  • Paula Quisenberry, Nursing Services