2012 Oberley Seed Grant Program Awards
Friday, April 20, 2012

Leaders of Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa today announced the recipients of the 2012 Oberley Seed Grant Program Awards.

The recipients are all members of Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. Their research projects focus on highly promising, new ideas with a high likelihood of leading to peer-reviewed cancer research funding supported by governmental or private sources. These projects involve interaction between cancer research disciplines, including basic, clinical, and population specialists.

The grants will support the following research studies:

  • Identifying novel anti-cancer small molecule inhibitors, Charles Brenner, Ph.D., Biochemistry - $50,000
  • A clinical trial testing a new treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer, Joseph Cullen, M.D., Surgery - $66,000
  • Studying the gene and environment interactions that influence the risk for breast, prostate and colorectal cancer, Brian Smith, Ph.D., Biostatistics - $50,000
  • Examining epigenetic regulators as breast cancer therapy, Lori Wallrath, Ph.D., Biochemistry - $50,000