Longevity Awards, July 2018

Longevity Awards, July 2018

University of Iowa Staff Council’s service-recognition program acknowledges all professional and scientific and merit staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of continuous service. Longevity Award winners receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President.

Award winners from July 2018 are listed below.

25 years

  • Erin Dufrane-Woods, Health Information Management
  • Paula Dooley, Chemistry Services
  • Jane Dorman, Engineering Administration
  • Beverly French, Hygenic Laboratory
  • Mary Hauth, Hospital Administration
  • Amy Hogue, Nursing Services
  • Christopher Huber, Grant Accounting
  • Kathy Keifer, Environmental and Guest Services
  • Gay Kreder, General Counsel
  • Yi Leuang, Facilities Management
  • Liang Lin, UI Pharmaceuticals
  • John McCoy, Inpatient Care Units
  • Kevin McGlynn, Art and Art History
  • Michael Moriarity, Video Productions
  • Darryl Nishimura, Medical Genetics
  • Trudy Pierick, Pediatrics
  • Lucina Rohret, Epidemiology
  • Brenda Schropp, University Shared Services
  • Leanne Seedorf, International Programs
  • John Stark, Medicine Administration
  • Roger Steffen, Nursing Administration
  • Alyce Steig, Inpatient Care Units
  • David Tingwald, Office of Student Services
  • David Walz, Emergency Medical Services
  • Kenneth Woods, Radiology

30 years

  • Thomas Baker, Dean of Students
  • Susan Brus, Inpatient Care Units
  • Gregory Gingerich, Environmental Microbiology
  • Deborah Hurd, Urology
  • Alicia Kienzle, Patient Appointment Center
  • Carolyn Kiser-Wacker, University Housing Administration
  • Mary Miller, Nursing Services
  • Gregory Morris, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Lori Shebetka, Nursing Services
  • Tamara Siegel, Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Ardalia Williams, Nursing Services

35 years

  • Lesa Bowles, Patient Financial Services
  • Kelly Bridenstine, Center for Diversity and Enrichment
  • Karen Dillon, Nursing Services
  • Diane Lamb, Air and Mobile Critical Care
  • David Miller, Nursing Services
  • Micah Meyer, Environmental and Guest Services
  • Glenda Mueller, Obstetrics and Gynecology

40 years

  • Anita Forbes, Pediatric Dentistry
  • Katherine Kral, Admissions
  • Robert Parsons, Facilities Management
  • Liane Patten, Nursing Services
  • Christine Sinkey, Opthamology and Visual Sciences
  • Judy Swafford, Orthopeadic Surgery
  • Robert Wickham, Respiratory Care
  • Rosemary Zimmerman, Journalism and Mass Communication

45 years

  • Christina Brenneman, University Shared Services
  • Patricia Troyer, Nursing Service

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