Longevity Awards, January 2017

Longevity Awards, January 2017

University of Iowa Staff Council’s service-recognition program acknowledges all professional and scientific and merit staff who have reached 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of continuous service. Longevity Award winners receive a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Office of the President.

Award winners from January 2017 are listed below.

25 years

  • Norman Anderson, Internal Medicine
  • Gordon Axt, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Dennis Bigelow, Food and Nutrition Services
  • Cynthia Bys, Nursing Services
  • Tracy Clapp, Nursing Services
  • Frank Eischens, Procurement Services
  • Lisa Ford, Environmental and Guest Services
  • Brian Heil, Tippie College of Business
  • Janice Jeter, Pediatrics
  • Lana Kaufman, Internal Medicine
  • Gail Martens, Facilities Management
  • Susan Moore, Office of the Provost
  • Amy Ollinger, Internal Medicine
  • Shari Piekarski, Tippie College of Business
  • Janelle Polley, Iowa Memorial Union
  • Julie Ann Rohlena, Nursing Services
  • Barbara Schuessler, Nursing Services
  • Patricia Schwickerath, Internal Medicine
  • Anne Suter, Anatomy
  • Ana Wanek, Nursing Services
  • Kimmarie Wyatt, Nursing Services

30 years

  • Penny Dean, Environmental and Guest Services
  • Donna Dolezal, Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Nancy Haynes, Ambulatory Care Clinics
  • Kirk Hochstetler, Facilities Management
  • Peggy Jenn, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Gail Jons, Ophthalmology
  • Lori Kithcart, Nursing Services
  • Ronald Matthess, Nursing Services
  • Susan McClellan, Office of the Vice President of Medical Affairs
  • John Oneill, Material Services
  • Frederick Simmons, Health Information Management
  • Richard Young Jr., Nursing Services

35 years

  • James Blayer, Nursing Services
  • Lori Giannini, Facilities Management
  • Linda Gorsh, Nursing Services
  • Karen McGuire, Nursing Services
  • Mary McKinney, Pediatrics
  • Jacqueline Nelson, Nursing Services
  • Julia Tomash, Intercollegiate Athletics

40 years

  • Nancy Kirkpatrick, University Hospital Administration
  • Sandra Tomas, College of Medicine
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