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Nominations are open for UI Children's Hospital 2014 Kid Captains

Parents and guardians of current or former pediatric patients of University of Iowa Children’s Hospital are invited to nominate their child as a Kid Captain for the Hawkeyes’ 2014 football season. Nominations will be accepted through April 9. Story

Loves the Hawks, waits for new heart


Krystal Robertson, 6, Kid Captain for the Outback Bowl, cheered on the football team from the University of Iowa Children's Hospital as she awaits a new heart. Story from: Quad-City Times

Quad-City Times

Davenport girl is honorary Kid Captain for Outback Bowl game

Portrait of Kyrstal Roberson

Krystal Robertson’s hospital room does not look like that of a typical 6-year-old. The walls are covered with One Direction and Iowa Hawkeye posters, her Xbox 360 always has a zombie game playing, and her door is filled with photos of Krystal with her family, friends, and medial team. Story

Springville boy, 7, is honorary Kid Captain when Hawkeyes play Nebraska

Dylan Holub

Dylan Holub faced a lot of ups and downs during his 141-day stay in the UI Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, including the development of retinopathy of prematurity—an abnormal blood vessel development in the retina which can cause blindness if not caught and treated early. Holub will be the honorary Kid Capain this Friday, Nov. 29 when the Hawkeyes play Nebraska. Story

Coal Valley, Ill., boy is Kid Captain when Hawkeyes host Michigan Saturday

Zach Zwirlein

Zach Zwirlein of Coal Valley, Ill., was diagnosed with medium chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) deficiency through the Iowa Neonatal Metabolic Screening Program, a partnership of the genetics program at UI Children's Hospital, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and the State Hygienic Laboratory. Story

Estherville boy, 7, is honorary Kid Captain when Hawkeyes take on Purdue

Aidan Hanson

Almost immediately after starting surgery, the doctors found a large mass behind Aidan Hanson's eardrum. They ended the surgery and referred the Hansons to University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Hanson will be the honorary Kid Captain when the Hawkeyes take on Purdue Saturday, Nov. 9. Story

Ottumwa boy, 8, is Kid Captain when Hawkeyes host Wisconsin

portrait of Mason Shepherd

Before Mason Shepherd was born, his mother, Cindy, went in for her 20-week ultrasound where doctors discovered that her son had stopped growing. The Shepherds were transferred to UI Children’s Hospital for genetic testing, and Mason was diagnosed with Russell-Silver syndrome, a disorder characterized by slow growth before and after birth. Story

Traer, Iowa, girl, 8, is Kid Captain when Hawkeyes host Northwestern Saturday

Grace Lidgett

Grace Lidgett, 8, was just 14 months old when she was referred to UI Children’s Hospital. She started showing allergy symptoms and had difficulty growing. The family learned she has cystic fibrosis—a genetic disorder that causes her body to produce thick, sticky mucus that clogs her organs. Story

Webster City girl, 5, is Kid Captain when Hawkeyes take on Ohio State

portrait of  Kyleigh Burlingame

Kyleigh Burlingame of Webster City, Iowa, was diagnosed with Doose syndrome, a form of childhood epilepsy. With this particular disorder, seizures can originate from all over the brain as opposed to one focal point. She will be the Kid Captain for the Iowa vs. Ohio game Saturday, Oct. 19. Story

Eldora teens to serve as co-Kid Captains for Iowa Homecoming Oct. 5

Alex and Molly Kirby

In 2009, 11-year-old Alex Kirby learned he had a rare genetic kidney disorder. After his transplant, doctors determined his sister, Molly, had the same disorder and would also need a transplant. Story


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