alex lodge portrait
Recent law grad Alex Lodge plans to combine academic backgrounds through chemistry/biotechnology patent prosecution
Alex Lodge, who holds a doctorate in chemistry and a juris doctor from the University of Iowa, says he’ll continue to draw on the lessons he learned from Iowa Law faculty who encouraged him to think beyond the outcome of a case.
James Alan McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and professor emeritus at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, died July 27 in Iowa City. He was 72.
Pulitzer Prize winner and Iowa Writers' Workshop professor emeritus James Alan McPherson died Wednesday. He was 72.
A noble human being. Generous beyond words. A perfect leader. Honest and brave. Compassionate. Former students and colleagues of Iowa Writers’ Workshop professor emeritus James Alan McPherson say those words best describe the teacher, mentor, and friend who influenced and nurtured generations of writers.
Teresa Mangum portrait
Humanities scholars use unique interpretive tools to investigate topics from gerontology to genetics, criminology to cancer, women’s rights to war, race-related violence to utopian futures. Obermann Center director Teresa Mangum spotlights the humanities research happening across the UI campus.
IFC graduate student Enes Yildirim working with ground instrumentation as part of the Iowa Flood Center’s collaboration with NASA.
Fieldwork will take place Aug. 3 through 16 in the South Fork Watershed near Ames
Students and researchers at the Iowa Flood Center based at the University of Iowa are partnering with NASA on research that could help the scientific community better understand and monitor soil moisture. Fieldwork will take place Aug. 3 through 16 in the South Fork Watershed near Ames.
Students moving belongings into residence hall
Advice includes how best to pack, communicate
Moving is exhausting and often stressful. Moving your child to college and saying goodbye? It may also be emotionally wrenching. Read some advice to help get you through the transition.
UI study finds reporting crimes to police reduces likelihood of future victimization
New research from the University of Iowa finds that individuals who report being victims of crime to police are less likely to become future victims of crime than those who do not report their initial experiences.
Study in mice explains opposing effects of hormone on weight gain
New research by University of Iowa scientists helps explain how a hormone system often targeted to treat cardiovascular disease can also lower metabolism and promote obesity.
Benj Revis works in his lab.
Benjamin Revis custom designs and repairs equipment for researchers and artists alike
The University of Iowa has employed an on-campus glassblower for more than a century. Benjamin Revis, the UI's current professional scientific glassblower, custom designs and repairs equipment for researchers and artists alike. His shop is located in the Chemistry Building, but he performs work university wide.
UI helping Ottumwans become healthier and more active.
RAGBRAI riders aren’t the only ones exercising in Ottumwa
RAGBRAI riders aren’t the only ones getting exercise in Ottumwa. Ottumwans are becoming healthier and more active thanks to a community initiative launched last year by the University of Iowa Prevention Research Center (PRC).
Rathbun Lake
State Hygienic Laboratory monitoring soil erosion at Rathbun Lake
RAGBRAI will reach Rathbun on July 28, but the University of Iowa has been there a while already. When Rathbun Lake began experiencing problems with excess sediment and soil erosion, local residents and officials turned to experts at the UI’s State Hygienic Laboratory.
Registrar consolidates student fees to a one-time $225 charge
A one-time University Records and Documents Fee will replace eight separate student fees for newly enrolling students this fall.
himie voxman portrait from 2002
RAGBRAI riding to Centerville on July 27
On Wednesday, July 27, RAGBRAI will reach Centerville, the birthplace of Himie Voxman, the University of Iowa's music director for 26 years.
Iowa Flood Center's new effort aims to reduce flooding in nine watersheds
The Iowa Flood Center at the University of Iowa is building a legacy in the Hawkeye State by reducing flood risks and improving water quality. Soon, they will embark on the Iowa Watershed Approach to identify and reduce stream flow during heavy rain events in nine Iowa watersheds.