Rylan Mohr
Skin condition causes blisters at the slightest irritation

"UI Children’s Hospital has really changed our lives. They brought Rylan along from a disease which he was not expected to live more than a year to being a very healthy 8-year-old boy," says Mark Mohr, Rylan's father.

Artist conception depicting MAVEN orbiting Mars. Image courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
UI researcher has instrument to test whether solar wind blew water out of ancient Martian atmosphere

With its empty channels and ghostly gullies, Mars resembles a planet once teeming with streams and flowing rivers. That begs the question: Where did all the water go? A University of Iowa space scientist aims to find out through an instrument on the Mars orbiter MAVEN.

University of Iowa President Sally Mason met with reporters Tuesday, Nov. 18, at Jessup Hall as part of her regularly scheduled media availabilities, discussing student research and academic success as well as a new program to support veterans.

The Student Experience: Logan Suhrbier

President of UIVA creates sense of community for student veterans

Two years after leading a team of 17 marines in Afghanistan, Logan Suhrbier is leading his fellow veterans to success on campus at the University of Iowa.

UI Alumni Association celebrates Hawkeye athletic history

Two online offerings from the University of Iowa Alumni Association give Hawkeye sports fans plenty of reasons to cheer.

University of Iowa President Sally Mason will meet with media representatives to share updates on the university and take questions on the record at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 18, at 101 Jessup Hall.

Stay in the know by updating your Hawk Alert contact information

With winter weather returning to Iowa City, it's important for those on campus to get reacquainted with the University of Iowa's severe weather policies.

8 people sitting around a table talking
The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities has partnered with Sioux City to develop a plan to revitalize the Leeds neighborhood

The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities, a campus-wide effort that matches students and cities across the state to give students hands-on experience working on community projects, is partnering with three cities this academic year. One project in Sioux City has students working with community leaders to develop plans to revitalize the Leeds neighborhood.

The Iowa Board of Regents today (Friday, Nov. 14) voted to implement the eight remaining administrative business cases presented by Deloitte, the consulting firm hired to improve efficiency on the three university campuses.

State Rep. Dean Fisher sits inside a vehicle at the National Advanced Driving Simulator while others stand around and watch.
Tour includes hands-on activities

The University of Iowa Office of Research and Economic Development hosted five state legislators on an interactive tour of campus research and economic development activities Thursday, Nov. 13.