Flood Updates 2013

Flood Updates 2013

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If you are looking for information regarding the current flood preparations (2014), please see:  http://now.uiowa.edu/flood2014


University flood preparations

This page is a collection of all stories, photos and video related to University of Iowa campus flood preparations that began the week of May 27, 2013. You can also look for updates on Twitter (@uiowa, #uifloodupdates). Other resources:

Have a question about campus flood preparations or related topics not addressed here? Email uiflood-questions@uiowa.edu.

UI lays out timetable for flood protection demobilization

On Monday the University of Iowa began to take down the flood control walls surrounding Art Building West, a process officials hope to complete next week. Story

UI makes plans to remove barriers as flood threat recedes

Hesco barriers protect the U. of Iowa’s Iowa Memorial Union from the Iowa River, which overflowed its banks but caused minimal damage on the campus. (Photo by Tim Schoon, U. of Iowa)

Just five years after flooding on the Iowa River damaged more than 20 structures at the University of Iowa, high-water forecasts in May forced the university to close buildings, put up seven miles’ worth of emergency flood walls, and cancel or reschedule some events. Story from: The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education

UI develops plan for removing flood barriers

With water levels remaining stable in the Coralville Lake and the Iowa River, the University of Iowa is beginning to plan the dismantling of HESCO barriers and other temporary floodwalls around campus. Story

Dubuque Street reopens to two-way traffic as dry weather continues

With little rainfall over the weekend, and no substantial precipitation forecast for at least the first part of the week ahead, the Iowa River continues to recede. Story

Though weekend rain likely, lake and river levels continue to drop

Another wet weekend is on the horizon, with as much as 2 inches possible in the Iowa River basin through Saturday night. In spite of the potential for rain, the numbers for Coralville Lake and the Iowa River continue to move in a positive direction. Story

Chance of storms keeps UI watchful

With the possibility of strong thunderstorms in the Iowa City area this afternoon, University of Iowa staff continue to keep watch over campus buildings, tunnels, and grounds at risk of flooding. Story

Improving safety and access

With the conditions on the UI campus relatively stable, UI Facilities Management staff are preparing to remove a section of HESCO barriers along Iowa Ave., north of the English-Philosophy Building. Story

Unglamorous, unseen, unsung

bulkhead tunnel

Mitigation measures like flood response plans and so-called "invisible walls" aren't especially sexy; no ribbon cuttings, groundbreaking ceremonies or speeches mark their implementation. But when a flood hits, mitigation can mean the difference between a building that gets swamped and one that remains dry. Story

Wet weather system on horizon likely to stick around

With fickle weather on the horizon, including a soggy system forecast for the area over the next few weeks, Johnson County officials are encouraging the University of Iowa and municipalities to keep flood protection measures in place for the foreseeable future. Story

Dry now, maybe wet later

University of Iowa officials say they’re keeping a close eye on current forecasts for potentially heavy rain over the weekend and next week, but for now they say current flood protection measures are working as intended. Story


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