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Artist conception depicting MAVEN orbiting Mars. Image courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

What happened to the water on Mars?

UI researcher has instrument to test whether solar wind blew water out of ancient Martian atmosphere

With its empty channels and ghostly gullies, Mars resembles a planet once teeming with streams and flowing rivers. That begs the question: Where did all the water go? A University of Iowa space scientist aims to find out through an instrument on the Mars orbiter MAVEN.

Honors Moore elected Psychonomic Society chair

Psychology's Cathleen Moore has been elected 2016 chair of the Psychonomic Society’s governing board. She will begin as chair-elect in 2015 and assume her role as chair the next year.

Honors Graduate students join Obermann institute

Eighteen University of Iowa students have been selected for the 2015 Obermann Graduate Institute sponsored by the UI Obermann Center for Advanced Studies. As Obermann Graduate Fellows, exploring how to combine public engagement with their research and teaching.

The Student Experience: Logan Suhrbier

The Student Experience: Logan Suhrbier

President of UIVA creates sense of community for student veterans

Two years after leading a team of 17 marines in Afghanistan, Logan Suhrbier is leading his fellow veterans to success on campus at the University of Iowa.

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UI project aims to restore a sense of community

The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities has partnered with Sioux City to develop a plan to revitalize the Leeds neighborhood

The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities, a campus-wide effort that matches students and cities across the state to give students hands-on experience working on community projects, is partnering with three cities this academic year. One project in Sioux City has students working with community leaders to develop plans to revitalize the Leeds neighborhood.

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International Education Week: Engage in the global community

Winning photos featured along with events Nov. 17-21 on UI campus

The University of Iowa will celebrate International Education Week Nov. 17-21 with several events and activities, including a public ceremony to honor 2014 International Impact Award recipients Roger Thurow and Selma Jeronimo.

Distinguished UI alumni recognized

The UI Alumni Association honors 14 accomplished graduates

The University of Iowa Alumni Association presents its highest honor to 14 distinguished alumni in recognition of their significant accomplishments in business or professional life or in service to the university or their community, state, or nation.

Rendering of Mars Express and its 130-foot antennae extend above Mars

UI instrument sees comet-created atmosphere on Mars

Comet's tail created separate ionized atmospheric layer in Martian sky

What happens when a comet flies closely past a planet? UI researcher gets a bird's eye view for the first time.

Department of Theatre Arts announces auditions for spring productions

The University of Iowa Department of Theatre Arts will hold open auditions Nov. 13-16 for numerous spring productions: three Mainstage shows, four workshops, two readings, and one special project. General auditions are held in Theatre B, located in the Theatre Building along North Riverside Drive.

An innovative technique to assess reading ability

UI researchers help develop online assessment designed to help target interventions for struggling middle school readers.

Researchers at the University of Iowa say it takes more than knowing what reading skills are missing to develop effective intervention plans for struggling middle school readers. Educators also need to know how these students are using the reading skills they already have.