College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sit-stand desk

A stand-up solution

UI study finds sit-stand desk users sit less and burn more calories
According to a new University of Iowa study, employees with sit-stand desks stood 60 minutes more a day at work compared with their co-workers with sitting desks, and they continued to do so long after their newfangled desks lost their novelty.
student teacher working with elementary students

UI makes list of 'Best Value' for colleges of education

The University of Iowa has some of the highest quality and most affordable teacher preparation programs in the state. The UI College of Education teacher preparation programs in elementary and secondary education made the “Best Value” colleges of education list in Iowa, according to the National Council on Teacher Quality.
Homeira Qaderi

Finding her voice

Afghan writer Homeira Qaderi uses power of words to expose Taliban's treatment of women
Homeira Qaderi, a writer from Afghanistan who has exposed the Taliban's inhumane treatment of women, is a resident in the UI's International Writing Program. Despite threats and challenges, she remains steadfast in her cause to improve the lives of women under Taliban rule.
Melissa Myers: Judo Champ

Throwing down, all the way to the top

UI sophomore to represent U.S. in world junior judo tournament
Melissa Myers has an easy way to deal with stress: she grabs people and throws them around. It's a disciplined form of release—the University of Iowa sophomore is a longtime judo competitor, one who will represent the U.S. in the upcoming World Judo Championships.
All in a day's work

All in a day's work

See the fall career fair through eyes of senior sociology student
The University of Iowa's fall career fair provides myriad opportunities for hundreds of UI students and alumni. We followed Liz Skogerboe, a senior sociology major from Spirit Lake, as she sought out avenues for achieving her career goals.
Oat hulls

Bravo to biomass

UI study shows using oat hulls for power has considerable benefits to the environment and human health
A new University of Iowa study, published in the journal "Fuel," documents that biomass burning has positive environmental and public-health effects. Co-firing oat hulls with coal reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and heavy metals compared with burning coal alone.

Grants Dey receives NSF grant for her research project

University of Iowa Professor Mishtu Dey has received a National Science Foundation grant for her research project, “Molecular and Structural Dissection of Methyl Coenzyme M Reductase for Methane Production.” The grant is part of the NSF’s Sustainable Chemistry, Engineering, and Materials (SusChEM) initiative.

Grants Mason lands $240,000 NSF grant

University of Iowa physical chemist Sara Mason landed a $240,000 grant to study dirt—specifically, the interplay between water and minerals in dirt—all in an effort to figure out how to get rid of contaminants in the ground.
Chinese students enjoy a marketing strategy class in the Tippie College of Business.

CCTV Chinese president's relationship with Iowa fuels Chinese student interest in UI

One in 10 University of Iowa undergraduate students is Chinese and interest continues to grow. Part of this interest is fueled by Chinese President Xi Jingpin's long-standing relationship with the state of Iowa and Gov. Terry Branstad, as well as UI's reputation for academic excellence and the friendly, welcoming community.