Racing for a Cure

Racing for a Cure

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Iowa, Buddy Lazier team up for a different race
'Racing for a Cure' premiered on BTN Friday July 11th.

At the 2014 Indianapolis 500, one team raced for more than the checkered flag.

'Racing for a Cure' tells the story of 1996 Indy 500 winner Buddy Lazier and his racing team's effort to promote the University of Iowa Wynn Institute for Vision Research.

Lazier's reasons for teaming up with the Wynn Institute are personal. Jacqueline, Lazier’s daughter, was born with a rare eye disorder known as Aniridia. Combined with glaucoma, Jacqueline has lost vision in her right eye. Lazier and his wife, Kara, are committed to raising awareness hopeful to someday find a cure.

Also featured in this story are the Drapeau family of Bellevue, Iowa. Their young sons, Reece and Ryder, are effected by a rare inherited condition called Leber's congenital aumorosis. Roseann and Bryce Drapeau have high hopes that the research being done at the Wynn Institute may one day restore their sons' vision.

The feature premiered on Big Ten Network as a university showcase during Iowa Day programming.

For more information about Buddy Lazier's drive for the cure visit here.


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