TIER update: Regents and Deloitte praise participation

TIER update: Regents and Deloitte praise participation

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Summer work to focus on administrative analysis

Following is an update on Rising to the Next TIER, the transformation and efficiency study of Iowa’s public universities commissioned by the Iowa Board of Regents.

Check the University of Iowa’s TIER website for weekly updates, and submit recommendations for the study online.

As we near the end of the academic year at the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa, the Board of Regents and the Deloitte team would once again like to express their thanks to all members of the university communities for their important contributions to the board’s efficiency review.

Looking back on the Phase 1 TIER project, now in week 8, the individual and collective efforts of all university participants have proven highly successful in getting this comprehensive study off the ground and moving forward in accordance with the project schedule.

As Deloitte moves to Phase 2 of the project and continues its work over the summer months, the primary focus will be on the administrative analysis. The analysis of academic areas will also continue, but at a slower pace.

In the fall, with the return of faculty, students, and staff to campus, Deloitte’s academic review will become a greater priority to ensure the appropriate level of faculty engagement in the TIER review. As stated by regent Larry McKibben, this will ensure “that all of our stakeholders, and our faculty, are heavily involved and deeply involved in the process.”

Deloitte is interested in continued input from the university communities and the public over the summer months. All are encouraged to continue to submit comments on the TIER websites of the board and the universities, all of which can be accessed from the board's website, www.regents.iowa.gov.

In the remaining two weeks of the Phase 1 TIER project, Deloitte will continue its follow-up visits to the campuses through the week of May 12 to meet with the university presidents, faculty, staff, and students and the Sounding Board groups. In addition, the Deloitte team will continue its analysis of the university data and interview responses to identify potential opportunities for additional review.

Please visit the following web sites for additional information on the TIER study:

The next TIER update will be available next Wednesday, May 14. Please check the TIER sites every Wednesday for project updates.


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