UI expert sources on the crisis in Ukraine

UI expert sources on the crisis in Ukraine

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The University of Iowa has experts available to comment on the crisis in Ukraine. Here are several who represent a wide range of areas and are happy to respond to media requests.

Vicki Hesli Claypool
Vicki Hesli Claypool

Vicki Hesli Claypool, political science professor, has conducted numerous public opinion polls in Ukraine and has lived in the country. She has served as co-principal investigator on three National Science Foundation grants, and as principal investigator on two federal grants to reform the national educational system in the country. She has published several articles and book chapters on Ukrainian politics, nationalism, and separatism. Her most recent published work is on electoral politics in Ukraine.

Contact information: vicki-claypool@uiowa.edu; Office: 319-335-2356; cell: 319-621-0602

Marina Zaloznaya
Marina Zaloznaya

Marina Zaloznaya, assistant professor in sociology, was born and raised in the Crimean region of Ukraine. Her research focuses on corruption and political stability in Ukraine, Belarus, and other post-Soviet republics. She has published articles on the anti-corruption movement, the informal economy of Ukrainian universities, social psychology of corruption, and the link between authoritarianism and bureaucratic bribery, among other topics.

Contact information: marina-zaloznaya@uiowa.edu; Office: 319-335-2502; cell: 773-633-8315

Artem Durnez
Artem Durnev

Artem (Art) Durnev, associate professor of finance, grew up in the Soviet Union/Russia and has studied the politics and economies of the former Soviet republics since the Soviet Union's break-up. He also has studied global finance, energy and the intersection of politics and economics.

Contact information: artem-durnev@uiowa.edu; office: 319-335-2626


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