History Channel to feature UI scholar

History Channel to feature UI scholar

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See a promotional video about the upcoming History Channel's Bible Secrets Revealed, which features UI assistant professor Robert Cargill.

The History Channel will feature University of Iowa assistant professor Robert Cargill in its six-episode series Bible Secrets Revealed. The series will premiere Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 9 p.m. CST and runs through Dec. 23.

A biblical scholar and archeologist in the Departments of Classics and Religious Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), Cargill worked as a consulting producer on the show, and appears on-camera throughout the series to share his expertise.

“The documentary has assembled a cast of some of the world’s best scholars, who walk the viewer through different perspectives on many of the Bible’s more difficult texts, including those texts that didn’t make it into the Bible,” Cargill says.

Portions of the documentary series were filmed at the Israel archeological site Tel Azekah in summer 2013, and include shots of Cargill and his UI students participating in excavations.

Cargill was hired as part of aCLASfaculty cluster called the Public Humanities in a Digital World, and his work is supported by that cluster and by the UI Digital Studio for the Public Arts and Humanities.

Cargill has previously appeared as an expert on several other History Channel episodes, and hosted a 2010 National Geographic show, Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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