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Whatever your degree, college, or graduation year, the UIAA offers a friendly connection to the university
Alumni welcome tent with 3 women in the tent and one woman looking at the tableAlumni and others are invited to stop by the UI Alumni Association’s Welcome Tents on Clinton and Washington Streets along the UI Homecoming parade route Friday, Oct. 4, to play family-friendly games with the chance to win Hawkeye souvenirs. Photo by Shelbi Thomas.

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Clad in black-and-gold, people of all ages swarm around the two University of Iowa Alumni Association (UIAA) tents along the Homecoming route in Iowa City. They laugh and joke as they play UI trivia games for fun prizes, pose for photos with the inflatable Herky, or pick up a free Hawkeye memento of this special weekend.

“Welcome home, Iowa alumni and friends”—the large, colorful signs not only spell out the purpose of the UIAA’s presence at this event, but also reflect the association’s wider mission to engage all alumni and friends in the life of the university.

I count myself lucky to have found a home at the University of Iowa. My decision 38 years ago to enroll in the UI College of Pharmacy’s graduate program was a defining moment in my life—one that changed it forever through enduring friendships and valuable career connections. And since graduating and moving away from Iowa City, I’ve come to appreciate how the UIAA has broadened my connection with the entire university community.

Like many alumni who return to Iowa City for Homecoming, I spend much of my time at college reunions or continuing education opportunities. But, I always enjoy UIAA events—whether I stop by the welcome tents or appreciate the stirring sight and sound of the Alumni Band in the parade.

Homecoming just wouldn’t be the same without the alumni association. In fact, the association can trace its roots back to 1867, almost 50 years before alumni first gathered for Homecoming in 1912. And, once this wonderful weekend is over, the UIAA continues to work year-round to fulfill its mission.

Through traditional efforts like Iowa Alumni Magazine, Lifelong Learning events, student programs, and IOWA Clubs, or cutting-edge developments like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the association strives not only to enrich the lives of members of the Hawkeye family but also to support the growth, spirit, and legacy of our cherished university.

portrait of Tom Temple
Tom Temple

Homecoming is an enduring and beloved tradition—and so is the alumni association. I’m proud to belong to an organization that helps ensure that Iowa City always feels like home.

Once a Hawkeye…

Tom Temple, 77 Master of Science, is chair of the UI Alumni Association Board of Directors


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