'U.S. News' ranks 26 UI programs among top 25 in nation

'U.S. News' ranks 26 UI programs among top 25 in nation

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U.S. News & World Report ranks 26 University of Iowa graduate programs and colleges among the 25 best in the country among all public and private schools.

The social psychology doctoral program in the Department of Sociology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) ranks as the No. 3 program in the country, according to America's Best Graduate Schools 2014. The Rural Medicine program in the Carver College of Medicine (CCOM) also ranked as a top 10 program in the country, at No. 9.

Other UI graduate programs that were newly ranked in the top 25 are: Education Specialty-Higher Education Administration (College of Education), 12; Education Specialty-Student Counseling and Personnel Services (College of Education), 13; College of Medicine-Primary Care (CCOM), 16; Medicine specialty-Family Medicine (CCOM), 16; Medicine specialty-Internal Medicine (CCOM), 17; Education Specialty-Secondary Teacher Education (College of Education), 19; Business specialty-Accounting (Tippie College of Business), 24; Engineering specialty-Environmental/Environmental Health (College of Engineering), 25.

The UI offers 114 graduate degree programs, 76 of which lead to a doctorate.

Highlights of the rankings will be published in the America’s Best Graduate Schools 2014 guidebook, which goes on sale April 9. All of the information in the printed guide, plus deeper rankings that are available only online, may be found here. A paid subscription is required to access all of the data.

Each year, U.S. News ranks professional school programs in business, education, engineering, law, and medicine. These rankings are based on two types of data: expert opinions about program excellence and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school's faculty, research, and students. The data come from surveys of administrators at more than 1,200 programs and some 13,000 academics and professionals, conducted during the fall of 2012 and early 2013.

In addition to the five professional disciplines ranked annually, U.S. News periodically ranks programs in the sciences, social sciences and humanities, the health arena, and many other areas based solely on the ratings of academic experts.

U.S. News first published a reputation-only graduate school ranking in 1987. The annual America's Best Graduate Schools report began in 1990.

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Following are all ranked UI graduate schools, specialties, and programs, beginning with the highest-ranked programs.

Rankings with an asterisk (*) are new for the 2014 issue of America’s Best Graduate Schools. All other rankings are from previous years but still stand.

1 Speech-Language Pathology, master's (at the UI, this program is in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, formerly named the Department of Speech Pathology, in CLAS)
2 Audiology, doctorate (CLAS)
2 Nursing Specialty-Gerontological/Geriatric (College of Nursing)
2 Nursing Specialty-Nursing Service Administration (College of Nursing)
2 Physician assistant, master’s (Carver College of Medicine)
2 Rehabilitation counseling, master's/doctorate (College of Education)
*3 Sociology Specialty-Social psychology (CLAS)
4 Fine Arts Specialty-Printmaking, master’s (CLAS)
5 Physical therapy, master’s/doctorate (Carver College of Medicine Division of Associated Medical Sciences)
*9 College of Medicine Specialty-Rural Medicine (CCOM)
11 Nursing, master’s (College of Nursing)
11 Nursing-anesthesia, master’s (College of Nursing)
*12 Education Specialty-Higher Education Administration (College of Education)
12 Nursing Specialty-Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (College of Nursing)
*13 Education Specialty-Student Counseling and Personnel Services (College of Education)
14 Healthcare management, master’s (at the UI, this degree is the master's of health administration and the program is located in the College of Public Health Department of Health Management and Policy)
*16 College of Medicine-Primary Care (CCOM)
16 Fine Arts Specialty-Painting/Drawing, master’s (CLAS)
*16 Medicine Specialty-Family Medicine (CCOM)
16 Public Health, master’s/doctorate (College of Public Health)
*17 Medicine Specialty-Internal Medicine (CCOM)
17 Pharmacy, Pharm.D. (College of Pharmacy)
18 Clinical psychology, doctorate (CLAS)
*19 Education Specialty-Secondary Teacher Education (College of Education)
22 Master of Fine Arts program in art and design (CLAS)
*24 Business Specialty-Accounting (Tippie College of Business)
*25 Engineering Specialty-Environmental/Environmental Health (College of Engineering)
*26 College of Law
*28 College of Medicine-Research (Carver College of Medicine)
*28 Part-time MBA Program (Tippie College of Business MBA-PM Program)
*30 Psychology, doctorate (CLAS)
*32 College of Education
*32 English, doctorate (CLAS)
*32 Political Science, doctorate (CLAS)
*33 Library and Information Studies, master’s (Graduate College)
33 Statistics, doctorate (CLAS)
*35 Sociology, doctorate (CLAS)
40 Biostatistics, doctorate (College of Public Health)
*40 Economics, doctorate (Tippie College of Business)
*42 Engineering Specialty-Biomedical/bioengineering (College of Engineering)
*42 Engineering Specialty-Civil (College of Engineering)
*42 Engineering Specialty-Industrial/Manufacturing (College of Engineering)
*42 History, doctorate (CLAS)
*44 Business School (Tippie College of Business Full-time MBA Program)
44 Social Work, master’s (CLAS)
*53 Engineering Specialty-Computer engineering (College of Engineering)
*54 Engineering Specialty-Chemical (College of Engineering)
56 Biological Sciences, doctorate (CLAS)
56 Mathematics, doctorate (CLAS)
57 Physics, doctorate (CLAS)
*60 Engineering Specialty-Electrical/Electronic/Communications (College of Engineering)
*61 Engineering Schools
*61 Engineering Specialty-Mechanical (College of Engineering)
63 Computer Science, doctorate (CLAS)
67 Chemistry, doctorate (CLAS)
69 Earth Sciences, doctorate (CLAS)


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