More traveling doctors make for healthier rural hearts

Roaming cardiologists increase rural Iowans' access to specialized heart care by 33 percent
Rural patients with heart disease often have limited access to specialized care because most cardiologists practice in cities, but a new study from the University of Iowa finds that the use of visiting consultant clinics (VCCs) in rural hospitals staffed by traveling cardiologists greatly increases access to care.
wilton wastewater treatment facility

Let's help small towns face down big wastewater costs

UI engineers hope to test new treatment technologies for towns with fewer than 2,000 residents
Engineers at the University of Iowa hope to help small Iowa towns wrestling with costly wastewater treatment upgrades. They've proposed a site where new technologies can be tested and approved for use.

Grants Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at UI receives highest designation from NCI

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the UI has received its third renewal as a comprehensive cancer center from the National Cancer Institute. The five-year renewal includes $12.2 million to support research. There are fewer than 50 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the nation. Holden is the only one in Iowa.

How can business researchers share insights with business managers?

UI study encourages better communication between academics and professionals
A recent survey by the University of Iowa and three other universities has found that academic researchers and business managers share a number of common interests, including eliminating pay inequality and discrimination. The problem? Managers still believe there's a gap between ivory tower research and office tower operations.

The UI and the growth of public health

Sue Curry, dean of the College of Public Health, comments on her field's bright future
Sue Curry, dean of the College of Public Health, sees a bright future for her field. The college has expanded its programming to include undergraduate degrees at a time when the number of careers in public health is predicted to increase significantly.
child using tablet during basic medical procedure

Distraction in action

UI researchers develop app to distract children during painful medical procedures
Researchers at University of Iowa Children's Hospital and the UI College of Nursing have developed an application that can be accessed from parents' smart phones, tablets, or computers and used to distract children during painful procedures.

Popular Mechanics Can an alarm clock really help you sleep better?

Eric Dyken, director of the UI's Sleep Disorders Program, says the body produces melatonin when it gets dark, and as melatonin levels rise, people get drowsy and eventually fall asleep. The use of alarm clocks with bright light can affect sleep patterns.