Terryl Bandy portrait

Trowbridge’s topo pro

UI senior produces detailed topographic maps of earthquake-prone areas in California
One University of Iowa senior has channeled her love for geology to produce highly detailed topographical maps of earthquake-prone areas in Southern California. Terryl Bandy will present the results of her summer project at the Geological Society of America meeting on Sept. 25.
Virtual Shakespeare at the University of Iowa

‘Play the Knave’ puts players in the players’ shoes

Motion-capture Shakespeare video game comes to the UI
Former University of Iowa professor Gina Bloom brought “Play the Knave,” a motion-capture video game that she helped develop, to the UI as part of the semester-long Shakespeare at Iowa celebration.
insect image

Breaking through the shell

Researchers create technique for opening insects’ exoskeletons to study living cells
Insects are tough animals to study. One reason is their armor-like coating, called an exoskeleton, which protects their organs. Researchers have discovered a technique to open the exoskeleton in order to study living organs and cells.

Iowa Public Radio Durnev discusses Airbnb and the sharing economy

Art Durnev, assistant professor of finance in the Tippie College of Business, is a guest on Iowa Public Radio's River to River program and discusses the sharing economy and efforts by local governments to regulate it. 

UI College of Public Health UI investigators receive federal funds to fight Zika virus

Investigators in the UI College of Public Health and Carver College of Medicine have been selected to receive $1 million over five years to establish, enhance, and maintain information-gathering systems to detect microcephaly—a serious birth defect—and other adverse outcomes caused by Zika virus infection.

Quartz Where you live in the US can impact how long you live

Where you live plays a major role in how well you live, and even how long—especially if you’re a poor American. As one recent study involving the University of Iowa shows, residency in the right (or wrong) U.S. state can mean a potential five-year difference in life expectancy.

Buying into the election

Iowa Electronic Markets lets traders sell futures on election candidates, and the price tells us who has a better chance of winning
Opinion polls show a tightening race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but the Iowa Electronic Markets still sees a Clinton win. That highlights one of the unique aspects of the Tippie College of Business’s real-money prediction markets.
color-coded earthquake model

Quake reader

UI professor performs critical earthquake analyses
Soon after major earthquakes occur, Bill Barnhart produces information that helps the global community estimate deaths and damage. Barnhart, assistant professor in the UI’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, analyzes ground movement during a quake and supplies that intelligence to the U.S. National Earthquake Information Center.

Parkinson's disease protection may begin in the gut

UI researchers find intestinal cells’ immune response protects vital neurons
The gut may play a key role in preventing the onset of Parkinson's disease. UI biologists found that in roundworms, an immune response from intestinal cells sparks a series of chemical signals that ultimately preserves neurons whose death is associated with Parkinson's. The results appear in the journal "Cell Reports."
UI students studying water quality

UI wins $3 million grant to launch water sustainability graduate program

Students will dive deep to train for STEM careers inside, outside of academia
A new Sustainable Water Development graduate program, inaugurated with a grant from the National Science Foundation, will prepare UI students for careers as engineers, entrepreneurs, professors, or in other professions in the STEM fields.