UI Power Plant

Oat hulls

UI announces it will be coal-free by 2025

UI Power Plant will increase its use of biomass and other renewable energy sources to meet its goal
The University of Iowa will divest fully from coal as a campus energy source by 2025. UI officials, led by President Harreld, announced the goal, which will come from the university increasing its use of biomass and other renewable energy sources.

UI Power Plant equipment to be temporarily located in Lot 11

Beginning Nov. 16, fencing and temporary UI Power Plant equipment will be installed at the northeast end of Parking Lot 11 and remain in operation through the 2016–17 winter heating season. Some parking permit holders will be affected.
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University of Iowa and Iowa DNR announce landmark agreement

UI reaffirms commitment to sustainability
The University of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources reached a landmark agreement on Tuesday, April 12, that will help advance the UI’s renewable-energy goals while continuing to protect Iowa’s air quality.

Steam blows slated for Dec. 9 at Burlington-Riverside intersection

University of Iowa Facilities Management will conduct a series of steam blows near the northwest intersection of Burlington Street and Riverside Drive beginning at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, and ending by 3 p.m.
Oat hulls

Bravo to biomass

UI study shows using oat hulls for power has considerable benefits to the environment and human health
A new University of Iowa study, published in the journal “Fuel,” documents that biomass burning has positive environmental and public-health effects. Co-firing oat hulls with coal reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and heavy metals compared with burning coal alone.

UI to establish dedicated energy crops in eastern Iowa

A big step forward in energy sustainability
The University of Iowa will soon be growing its own crop dedicated entirely to creating energy. The plant—a sterile hybrid grass called Miscanthus—will be harvested and used to supply power, steam, and chilled water to the main campus.