student studying on Old Capitol steps

7 perfect places to study

Where will you camp out before finals?
Looking for just the right place to prep for final exams? Check out these often-overlooked spots on campus.
iPads with infant photos and assorted baby items

How do toddlers use tablets?

UI researchers hope their study will influence interactive education apps
A team of University of Iowa researchers studied more than 200 YouTube videos of infants and toddlers using tablets and found that most showed a moderate ability to use the devices.
Student crosses virtual road.

KCRG University of Iowa studying safety of pedestrians texting and crossing

In an effort to improve pedestrian and motorist safety, University of Iowa researchers are using a simulator called the Hank Virtual Environments Lab to learn whether pedestrians texting and walking near traffic will pay attention to warnings on their cell phones. 

Grants Gustavo Avila-Ortiz receives $40,000 BioHorizons grant

Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, Department of Periodontics, received a $40,000 research grant from BioHorizons Inc. (Birmingham, Alabama) to conduct a study entitled “Comparison of the Efficacy of Two Different Surgical Approaches to Increase Peri-implant Mucosa Thickness: A Randomized Clinical Trial.”
Schnell is shown flying plane above farm fields.

ABC-TV cancels pilot safety story originally slated for Jan. 17

NASA-funded work focuses on hands-on flying for safety
Producers of ABC-TV’s “20/20” have decided that the story about NASA-funded University of Iowa pilot research will not air Friday, Jan. 17, on “20/20. However, the story may be scheduled to air at a future date on “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.”

UI develops test aircraft systems to make air travel safer

NASA-funded study will focus on pilot perception, awareness
The UI will use a three-year, $1.2 million NASA grant to develop concepts and methods helping commercial airline crews avoid, detect, mitigate, and recover from hazardous situations that could lead to loss of control due to spatial disorientation.
satellite image of Hurricane Sandy

UI researcher predicts more intense North Atlantic tropical storms

Study finds high carbon dioxide levels increase storm strength
A study published in the prestigious Journal of Climate, the official publication of the American Meteorological Society, finds that tropical storms that make their way into the North Atlantic, and possibly strike the East Coast of the United States, likely will become more intense during the rest of this century.

News-Medical Robinson explains lipid study

University of Iowa epidemiologist Jennifer Robinson describes her new lipid study investigating risk prediction of cardiovascular disease.