solar wind

A solar prominence erupts into the sun's atmosphere, or corona. Credit: NASA.

UI-led team confirms 'gusty winds' in space turbulence

Study is first direct measurement of its kind in the lab
Why is the atmosphere of the sun far hotter than the surface of the sun? The answer, scientists believe, lies in the concept of turbulence, a phenomenon directly measured in the laboratory for the first time by a research team led by the University of Iowa.
Portrait of Greg Howes, assistant professor of physics and astronomy in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

A place in the sun

Space plasma researcher draws federal funds, presidential honor
UI physics and astronomy professor Greg Howes’ work investigating solar wind turbulence has been funded by the National Science Foundation and commended by President Obama. The most rewarding part of his job? Participating in a community outreach project that aims to attract more people to science.