Margaret Keyes surveying the progress in the building in the early 1970s

Capping four landmark decades

Old Capitol Museum celebrates 40 years on National Historic Registry
For 40 years, Old Capitol Museum at the University of Iowa has held the designation of National Historic Landmark. As the museum celebrates this distinguished anniversary, look back at photos from the past four decades (and earlier).
people sandbagging on UI campus

Come celebrate flood recovery milestone

Faculty, staff, students, greater community invited to June 15 event on Pentacrest
The University of Iowa will host a celebration June 15 on the Penacrest to mark a flood recovery milestone and our commitment to serve our students and the people of Iowa during the last eight years, despite many flood-related challenges.
Black and white image of Old Dental

Old Gold: Old Dental, the final extraction

Pentacrest building lingered north of Old Capitol until 1975
The last building removed from the Pentacrest was home to the University of Iowa College of Dentistry from 1895 to 1917. It went on to house several other departments before its demolition in 1975.

Tree care to take place next week on UI campus

Ten diseased, damaged trees on Pentacrest will be replaced by new plantings
Tree-removal crews next week will begin removing ten diseased or damaged trees from the University of Iowa campus. The affected trees are on the Pentacrest, and several pose a threat to public safety due to their deteriorated condition. Two new trees will be planted for every tree removed.
Flags displayed on the Pentacrest

Honoring Iowa's veterans

UIVA, ROTC mark Veterans Day with morning reveille
The University of Iowa Veterans Association and Reserve Officer’s Training Corps honored Iowa’s veterans on Tuesday morning with a reveille ceremony on the west lawn of the Pentacrest, accompanied by raising the U.S. flag over the Old Capitol.
The moon in various stages of its eclipse appears in the sky above the Old Capitol on Tuesday morning.

Total eclipse of the moon

Pentacrest provides great view for intrepid stargazers
A few intrepid stargazers were out on the University of Iowa Pentacrest early Tuesday morning to watch the total lunar eclipse which was visible early Tuesday over Iowa City.
A tree climber works in the crown of a walnut tree on the Pentacrest.

Protecting state champion tree

Workers install a lightning protection system in Pentacrest walnut tree
A new lightning protection system was recently installed in the state champion walnut tree on the University of Iowa Pentacrest.

Old Gold: UI's boulders

Timeless landmarks rest on the Pentacrest
If rocks could talk, two big ones on the Pentacrest would have plenty to say. Iowa City historian Paul Juhl takes a look at the origins of the two boulders that flank the sidewalk leading up to the east steps of Old Capitol.
elm tree on the pentacrest

The last elm

Dutch elm disease leaves lone survivor on Pentacrest
Once, more than 100 American elm trees graced the Pentacrest. A wave of Dutch elm disease reduced the Pentacrest population to a single tree. May it long inspire poets, artists, and Frisbee-throwers.