Inland communities bear the brunt of hurricane-related flood damage

Work by UI researcher sheds new light on the expansive effects of hurricanes
When most people think of hurricanes, they think of mighty storm surges pounding coastal communities. But a team of researchers who studied 28 hurricanes from 2001 to 2014 found that freshwater flooding, sometimes thousands of miles inland, can cause even greater destruction.

UI researchers find East Coast hurricanes can flood the Midwest

Tropical cyclone flooding hits Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan
Located hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean, the Midwest remains vulnerable to flooding from North Atlantic tropical cyclones, according to University of Iowa researchers and their colleagues.

Next season's hurricanes

Researchers suggest that weather forecasts should be more consumer-friendly
In an article titled “Next Season’s Hurricanes” published in the Feb. 7 issue of the journal Science, a University of Iowa researcher and his colleague suggest that weather forecasts can and should be made more consumer-friendly.

Typhoon Haiyan highlights disaster relief logistics

UI researcher looks at better ways of bringing relief to disaster sites like the Philippines
Typhoon Haiyan’s trail of destruction in the Philippines last weekend is drawing attention to the difficulty of providing relief services in a place where roads, ports, and airports are all but destroyed. A UI researcher works to find more efficient methods for governments, agencies, NGOs, and businesses to transport relief supplies to disaster areas.
satellite image of Hurricane Sandy

UI researcher predicts more intense North Atlantic tropical storms

Study finds high carbon dioxide levels increase storm strength
A study published in the prestigious Journal of Climate, the official publication of the American Meteorological Society, finds that tropical storms that make their way into the North Atlantic, and possibly strike the East Coast of the United States, likely will become more intense during the rest of this century.

Disasters in the 21st Century

Recovering from natural disasters is focus of Global Health Studies workshop
How do you recover from a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, which is estimated to have caused billions of dollars in economic losses, as well as emotional damages from the rising death toll? An upcoming UI workshop will examine several recent worldwide disasters in an attempt to answer that question.