Future plans

With the 2014 -15 Iowa Now redesign comes a renewed commitment to assessing how people use the Iowa Now platform. We want to keep the website, email options, and other channels evolving and improving.

Assessment priorities include:

  • Monitoring patterns in website traffic, including how visitors find and explore Iowa Now content.
  • Watching how much time users spend on the website, how many pages they visit, etc., comparing these factors to the old Iowa Now site.
  • Collecting qualitative feedback on what catches users’ interest and the kind of content they want and need.
  • Working with campus colleagues to identify how they use Iowa Now channels and provide better tools for telling the UI story.

During spring and summer of 2015, expect to see further refinements to the Iowa Now website. The slate of Iowa Now emails also will expand, with new digests tailored to different audiences.

2014-15 redesign

Site features