Tippie College of Business

Iowa Public Radio Durnev discusses Airbnb and the sharing economy

Art Durnev, assistant professor of finance in the Tippie College of Business, is a guest on Iowa Public Radio's River to River program and discusses the sharing economy and efforts by local governments to regulate it. 

Buying into the election

Iowa Electronic Markets lets traders sell futures on election candidates, and the price tells us who has a better chance of winning
Opinion polls show a tightening race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but the Iowa Electronic Markets still sees a Clinton win. That highlights one of the unique aspects of the Tippie College of Business’s real-money prediction markets.

UI ranked 33rd among public universities by 'US News'

College of Engineering, Tippie College of Business also in top 50
The University of Iowa moved up one spot to No. 33 in the latest rankings of the nation’s best public universities, published by the magazine "U.S. News & World Report."

CBC How the IEM sees election results in advance

The Iowa Electronic Markets asks people to put their money on an election outcome, so participants say who think they will win, not who they want to win. 

KCRG-TV9 Solow discusses Deere & Co. layoffs

Abundant corn and low oil prices are among the reasons for the recently announced layoffs at Deere & Co., says John Solow, professor of economics in the Tippie College of Business. 

More traveling doctors make for healthier rural hearts

Roaming cardiologists increase rural Iowans' access to specialized heart care by 33 percent
Rural patients with heart disease often have limited access to specialized care because most cardiologists practice in cities, but a new study from the University of Iowa finds that the use of visiting consultant clinics (VCCs) in rural hospitals staffed by traveling cardiologists greatly increases access to care.