College of Engineering

students and instructor in automated vehicle heading toward an inflatable vehicle

An education on innovation in automation

Engineering class studies automated vehicle technologies
The UI College of Engineering's Automated Vehicle Systems Inc. class is run more like a startup company, and engages students in ways not usually found in typical classwork.
University Model CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) for the City of St. Louis

UI expertise sought worldwide for industry-leading hydraulics models

IIHR–Hydroscience and Engineering researchers recently completed a project for the city of St. Louis
IIHR researchers recently built a 1:16 scale model of part of a new sewer collection system to test and validate the design of various underground tunnels for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.
engineering rocket launch

First-year engineering students launch homemade rockets

UI professor David Wilder’s project-based course teaches problem-solving, creativity
After 10 days of designing and testing, University of Iowa engineering students launched homemade rockets Oct. 26 in the Seamans Center, using PVC pipe and an empty soda bottle.
andrea diaz with fellow intern at school volunteer event

Engineering student turns internship into job offer at Clorox

Andrea Diaz says getting involved on campus helped prepare her for the opportunity
After interning with the Clorox Co. this past summer in Pleasanton, California, UI engineering student Andrea Diaz was offered a full-time position as a scientist in the company’s research and development department. She will start the job once she graduates from the UI in May.
jacob heiden at driving simulator

UI grad’s student employment put him on the road to his career

Jacob Heiden landed a job at UI’s NADS after working there his senior year
Jacob Heiden spent his last year of college working at the UI’s National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS). Now he’s a research support coordinator there and focuses on educating middle school students and others about the dangers of using a smartphone while driving.

Despite its dearth of coastline, Iowa has scientists who study hurricane forecasts

UI research evaluates forecasting models for predicting rainfall from tropical cyclones
To help improve hurricane preparedness and mitigation efforts, new University of Iowa–led research examines how accurate current forecasting systems are in predicting rainfall from North Atlantic tropical cyclones that make landfall in the United States.