David Gier
School of Music director David Gier reflects on the new Voxman Music Building
With the grand opening of the Voxman Music Building on Oct. 21, School of Music director David Gier shares his thoughts on the new location and what’s transpired in the eight years since the 2008 flood.
Voxman, date unknown.
A man so loved that the UI named a building after him—twice
Born in a small coal-mining town in 1912, Himie Voxman taught at the UI for 45 years and is credited with establishing the UI School of Music’s national prominence.
The Klais Organ
The journey to find the music building’s biggest instrument
Of all the new instruments in the University of Iowa’s Voxman Music Building, the most notable might be the majestic Klais organ newly installed in the 700-seat concert hall.
david soll in his lab
UI home to antibody collection valued at $250 million, priceless in application
Around the corner from University of Iowa biology professor David Soll’s office is an exclusive reservoir of biological agents used by researchers worldwide seeking to cure cancer. Its mission is deeply personal for Soll. He lost his wife to cancer, and he wants to put an end to the disease.
woman reaching skyward at visual arts building grand opening
UI dedicates its new technologically advanced and artistically inspiring Visual Arts Building
Hundreds of art students and faculty joined dancers, musicians, and local dignitaries in the brilliantly lit central foyer of the Visual Arts Building on Friday to dedicate the new building.
The University of Iowa has partnered with a federal agency to conduct a series of workshops across the country aimed at helping secondary school STEM teachers introduce innovation and entrepreneurship concepts into their teaching.
arborist andy dahl, dressed as johnny appleseed, reads to children
UI arborist Andy Dahl is in the right line of work
UI arborist Andy Dahl has loved trees for as long as he can remember. Now, he manages the more than 8,000 trees growing on UI property in Iowa City and Coralville.
The University of Iowa School of Music will live stream the Oct. 26 performance by the UI Symphony Orchestra, beginning at 7:25 p.m. CDT. The ensemble will perform in the Voxman Music Building Concert Hall.
Participants more able to accurately interpret women’s nonverbal cues after instruction, feedback
A study led by University of Iowa psychology professor Teresa Treat provides the starting point for applications that could enhance prevention programs for sexual aggression on college campuses.
university of iowa seal
University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld highlights the Cheatum Group as an example of how collaborative research and teaching come together at the UI.
Hawk Watch app helps students create virtual safety network, send anonymous crime tips
Hawk Watch, which is powered by the campus safety app Rave Guardian, allows users to invite friends, family, or the UI Department of Public Safety to act as a virtual safety escort, or “guardian,” when they travel from one location to another.
A new study from the University of Iowa College of Public Health finds that traffic accidents involving farm vehicles in the Midwest would decrease by more than 50 percent if states required more lighting and reflection on those vehicles.
This image shows atomic hydrogen scattering sunlight in the upper atmosphere of Mars, as seen by the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph on NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission. About 400,000 observations, taken over the course of four days
UI research contributing to latest findings
University of Iowa scientists have contributed to the latest findings about what happened to the water on early Mars. Jasper Halekas, investigator on the MAVEN mission, led one of several studies that revealed swings in the planet’s water loss depended on Mars’s distance from the sun.
university of iowa seal
Increases could take effect in summer 2017
The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, is proposing increases to tuition and mandatory fees; the College of Engineering is proposing additional supplemental tuition.
The University of Iowa School of Music will live stream the Oct. 19 Choral Collage Concert, beginning at 7:25 p.m. CDT. The ensemble will perform in the Voxman Music Building Concert Hall.