2015 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award winners

2015 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award winners

The University of Iowa Graduate College awarded Amnon Kohen and Michael O’Hara top recognition for excellence in mentoring graduate students.

Kohen, professor of chemistry in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), is winner of the 2014-15 Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering. O’Hara, professor of psychology in CLAS, receives the 2014-15 Graduate College Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award in Social Sciences.

The professors were nominated for the award by their students and colleagues.

Amnon Kohen

Kohen trains his Ph.D. scientists to be knowledgeable and open-minded. He encourages his students to develop scientific curiosity and consider alternative solutions to their research problems.

This scientific curiosity translates into journal publications and conference presentations.

Since joining the UI faculty in 1999, Kohen has mentored 12 Ph.D. graduates and four Master’s graduates. All his doctoral students have graduated with between 4 and 9 publications, mostly in top-tier journals in their field. His students also have graduated with at least 10 presentations at local, regional, national, and international conferences. More about Kohen.

Michael O’Hara

During his 35 years at the University of Iowa, O’Hara has provided safe harbor for graduate students looking to alter their course in pursuit of academic excellence.

When a relationship with their mentor doesn’t work out as planned, graduate students are left wondering which way to turn. In those instances, O’Hara advises students on the best direction to take.

Some students decide to continue their doctoral studies under O’Hara’s supervision. O’Hara has been the primary advisor for 23 Ph.D. graduates. He is currently advising seven doctoral students. Approximately, one-third of these 30 graduate students began their academic careers working with another mentor.  More about O’Hara.

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