2014-15 redesign

The original Iowa Now site and accompanying distribution channels (feeds, emails, etc.) launched in March 2012. Following a 2014 assessment, the Office of Strategic Communication set out to refine Iowa Now’s mission, define its content strategy, better serve key audiences, streamline production processes, and modernize the website.


Iowa Now showcases content that best tells the University of Iowa story, connects with campus audiences and other constituents, offers a one-stop source for news of record, and powers distribution channels like feeds, emails, and social media posts.

Content strategy

Goals informing Iowa Now content selection and delivery include:

  • Emphasizing content that advances key messages and builds the university’s brand
  • Focusing on strategy and impact over quantity
  • Making content more shareable
  • Enhancing use of video, photography, and graphics
  • Packaging achievements and other items as news briefs
  • Building highly flexible options for bigger stories
  • Recognizing that Iowa Now is one communication tool among many

Site features

Future plans