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A nursing student meets with a community volunteer for a health education exercise at the Nursing Clinical Education Center. Photo courtesy the College of Nursing.
Published: 2014.04.09 | By Jamie Nicpon | 9:12 AM
Published: 2014.04.09
By Jamie Nicpon
9:12 AM
Advanced patient simulators help University of Iowa College of Nursing students master clinical skills, but they can't replace the human element needed to learn consultation and teaching. That's where community volunteers come in. Story

Gardening takes root at UI

The Daily Iowan: Gardening takes root at UI
student garden

The UI Gardening Club runs a community garden at the university: “Having a community garden, you are in direct contact with other gardeners, and you learn from their experiences,” says club co-president and UI sophomore Andrew Hirst. Story from: The Daily Iowan

The Daily Iowan

UI psychiatrist aids in discovery of anti-depressant mechanism


A research team including UI psychiatrist Andrew Pieper has identified the mechanism by which ghrelin, a hormone with natural anti-depressant properties, works inside the brain. Story from: South Asian Times

South Asian Times

Working to end suicide silence

backpacks on Old Capitol lawn

The Send Silence Packing traveling exhibit aims to raise awareness about suicide prevention with more than 1,000 backpacks on the lawn of the Old Capitol representing the 1,100 college students who commit suicide every year. Story from: The Daily Iowan

The Daily Iowan

Morcuende promotes Ponseti clubfoot treatment in Nigeria


The UI's Jose Morcuende, medical director of the Ponseti International Association, described the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment as “a simple, manipulative technique that corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery.” Story from: The Punch-Nigeria

The Punch-Nigeria

Glaucoma drug helps women with blinding disorder linked to obesity

A clinical trial conducted by University of Iowa researchers and colleagues across the U.S. and Canada found that combining a glaucoma drug with a low-sodium, weight-reduction diet is better at treating vision loss caused by idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) than weight loss alone. Story

Protecting new neurons reduces depression caused by stress

Scientists probing the link between depression and a hormone that controls hunger have found the hormone's antidepressant activity is due to its ability to protect newborn neurons. The researchers also showed that a new class of neuroprotective molecules achieves the same effect and may represent a new approach for treating depression. Story

Alice Rivlin to discuss health care affordability in lecture

Former Clinton budget advisor and co-founder of the Congressional Budget Office Alice Rivlin will discuss health care reform and affordability in a lecture at the University of Iowa on Monday, April 28. Story

Aging brains on the job

Two demographic trends in Iowa—an aging population and workers staying on the job later in life—will have a significant impact for employers and employees in the years ahead. University of Iowa neuroscientist Steven Anderson will offer his perspective during an April 29 presentation in Des Moines. Story

Digital dentistry advances at UI


As dental technology expands, the UI College of Dentistry has kept up: “We want to make sure our students are getting the best education possible...” says Michael Kanellis, the associate dean for patient care. Story from: The Daily Iowan

The Daily Iowan

Juicing diet plans slim on nutrients

apple and juice

Although so-called "juice cleanse" diets may be popular with students, Katherine Mellen, a UI lecturer in health and human physiology, says juicing has no documented health benefits. Story from: The Daily Iowan

The Daily Iowan


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