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Whetting our appetites

food for thought logo illustration with corn field

Fill your mind, not just your belly during the University of Iowa Food for Thought Theme Semester, coming in spring 2015 with “appetizers” going on now. Story

UI program helps students fit in

UI students walk outside of the Tippie College of Business who are paired through the International Buddies program.

University of Iowa students share their experiences about being involved with the International Buddies at Tippie program, which helps connect students from U.S. states and students from other countries. Story from: KGAN


UI hosts 5th Annual Iowa Statewide Veterans Conference 'Women of the Military' Sept. 29

The University of Iowa is hosting the 5th Annual Iowa Statewide Veterans Conference on Monday, Sept. 29th. Titled “Women of the Military,” the conference will focus on the dynamic impact women have on the military, as well as how the military impacts them. Story

UI programs helping cultivate cross-cultural connections

As the number of international students at the University of Iowa continues to rise, the campus remains committed to providing opportunities to promote interaction with domestic students. Some Initiatives include the International Student Advisory Board, Friends Without Borders, and the Global Buddies program. Story

Fostering global friendships

UI seniors Jade Manternach and Hyejung Kim meet for the first time during the International Buddies kickoff event on Friday, Sept. 19

The International Buddies at Tippie program is one of several initiatives at the UI designed for students from U.S. states and students from other countries to meet, allowing them to share cultural experiences and helping international students adapt to campus life. Story

UI makes Military Friendly Schools list

An Iowa Hawkeyes military arm patch with a US flag above

The University of Iowa made Victory Media's list of Military Friendly Schools. The list honors the top 15 percent of colleges, universities, and trade schools that are doing the most to embrace America's military service members and veterans as students and ensure their success on campus. Story

UI archaeologists dig deeper into Hubbard Park history

Hubbard Park dig

Archaeologists are restarting a dig in Hubbard, where an 1851 flood created a soil time capsule, preserving rare artifacts from life in early 19th century Iowa City. Staff and students from the UI Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences are helping with this activity. Story

UI student Carter Bell nominated as student making a difference

University of Iowa Student Carter Bell, MSNBC

UI student Carter Bell of Waukee, Iowa, was nominated as a leader making a difference, not only through key issues on campus, but in bridging the gender gap in politics as part of a new "Women of 2014" series at msnbc. Story from: MSNBC


University of Iowa international students use the 'buddy' system

The Pappajohn Business administration Building houses the UI's Tippie College of Business.

The University of Iowa has several programs, including International Buddies at Tippie and Friends Without Borders, that promote bridging the cultural and academic gap for international students while also capitalizing on the global perspective they bring to campus. Story from: The Gazette

The Gazette

Hancher, Legion Arts present the 'Moroccan-roll' of Hoba Hoba Spirit

Hoba Hoba Spirit

The University of Iowa’s Hancher will co-present Hoba Hoba Spirit with Legion Arts at 8 p.m., Friday, Sept. 26, at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Hoba Hoba Spirit blends influences, rhythms, and languages to create music with wide appeal. Story


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