analyzing viral genetics in blood samples

NPR-Morning Edition Could this virus be good for you?

Jack Stapleton, UI professor of internal medicine and microbiology, discusses recent research showing that patients with ebola who are co-infected with another virus called GBV-C have better survival rates. His research has previously shown that co-infection with GBV-C is also associated with better survival in patients with HIV.

Message control

Study finds clearly written financial statements are good for both investors and corporate managers
A UI study suggests that when would-be investors are confronted with a financial disclosure report that is difficult to read, they look for other sources of news or analysis to help make their decision, making it more likely the firm will lose control of its message and let others define its financial situation and future prospects.
herky with students by old cap

RecycleMania: UI challenges 400 campuses

Students, faculty, staff invited to recycle most, waste least
UI took second place in the recycling competition last year, and the Office of Sustainability is hosting a series of events to help everyone on campus step up conservation efforts—and take first place this year.

Steam project to affect Grand Avenue, Riverside Drive

The University of Iowa will begin work on a project to replace the steam distribution system beneath Riverside Drive and Grand Avenue, between the Iowa River and Byington Road. Crews will begin work this weekend, Jan. 30-Feb. 1, with pavement modifications near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Riverside Drive.

UI researchers find simple life forms communicate benefits of calorie restriction

Yeast cells extend lifespan, share benefits with other yeast cells
In a new study, scientists uncovered evidence that baker’s yeast cells not only extend their own lifespan in response to caloric restriction but also communicate with other cells to share the benefit of caloric restriction.
Iowa Now Minute - 1/29/15

Iowa Now Minute - 1/29/15

Roundup of UI activities, research, public engagement, and campus life
"Iowa Now Minute" is a 60-second roundup highlighting recent UI activities, research, public engagement, and campus life. Look for a new video every Thursday.

Recent deaths

Death notices for current and retired UI employees. Links to online obituaries provided when available.

New cells may help treat diabetes

UI group creates insulin-producing cells that normalize blood-sugar levels in diabetic mice
Starting from human skin cells, researchers at the University of Iowa have created human insulin-producing cells that respond to glucose and correct blood-sugar levels in diabetic mice. The findings may represent a first step toward developing patient-specific cell replacement therapy for type 1 diabetes.

Working groups forming for AIB transition

Provost: 'Committed to making this a smooth transition for students'
The University of Iowa is forming a series of working groups as it begins transitioning the AIB College of Business to the University of Iowa. The AIB president and Board of Trustees announced its intention to gift the college to Iowa on Monday.