Parents & Families

Dance Marathon families are introduced at the beginning of Dance Marathon

Another step up for Dance Marathon

Student group again raises record-breaking amount for pediatric cancer research
The University of Iowa Dance Marathon raised another record-breaking amount to help fund pediatric cancer research. The 2016 total: ​$2​,424,031.22.
dancers and children working together

A year-round undertaking 'For the Kids'

24-hour Big Event caps months of Dance Marathon activity
Dance Marathon 22 culminated with the Big Event Feb. 5–6. It all takes a tremendous amount of planning, preparation, and fundraising—and everyone involved works 365 days “For the Kids,” or FTK. Here’s a look at events, milestones, and interactions that took place throughout this academic year.
young woman in Hamburg, Germany

International Programs Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market

Want to impress an employer during an interview? A story about tackling the language barrier during your study-abroad experience in Spain could very well have your interviewer going from apathetic to absorbed. It doesn't hurt that the story showcases valuable skills at the same time.

students in supplemental instruction session

What's Supplemental Instruction?

Expanded study program helps students find success
Supplemental Instruction is a free, peer-driven resource that helps students figure out how to achieve in historically challenging courses.

CEOs can't control the future

But a new UI study suggests some think they can
Publicly traded firms often issue earnings forecasts that miss the mark, and a new study from the University of Iowa suggests CEO overconfidence is the reason for the poor predictions.

BYU Radio/Sirius/XM Durnev studies links between elections, economic volatility

Tippie finance professor Art Durnev discusses his research that finds countries experience greater economic volatility during a national election campaign because it creates political uncertainty that businesses don't like. Durnev's portion of the program starts at 17:50 on the audio file.

boy with visceral leishmaniasis

From mother to child, passing on disease

UI researchers warn doctors about two vector-born diseases that can be passed from mother to child
UI researchers are reminding U.S. doctors to watch for two vector-borne and potentially life-threatening diseases that can be passed from mother to child. Though Chagas' disease and Leishmaniasis are generally found in other parts of the world, global travel and migration have made the U.S. vulnerable.
University of Iowa chemists led by Amnon Kohen have unraveled the chemistry underlying how some deadly diseases, such as tuberculosis, produce thymine, a DNA base critical for these diseases to survive and reproduce. The team found these diseases use a di

UI chemists uncover how key agent allows diseases to reproduce

Findings could lead to non-toxic drugs that block diseases’ chemistry
University of Iowa chemists have revealed the chemistry behind how certain diseases, from anthrax to tuberculosis, replicate. The key lies in the function of a gene absent in humans, called thyX, and its ability to catalyze the DNA building block thymine. Results published in the journal 'Science.'