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Hawkeye Poll class

UI course demystifies public opinion polling

Hawkeye Poll students design questions, make calls, analyze data
Over the course of the fall semester, Hawkeye Poll students have worked to master the basic skills of survey design, sampling, and question wording.
jeffrey ding portrait

UI senior named Rhodes scholar

Jeffrey Ding excited to make the most of Oxford opportunity
Jeffrey Ding, a senior from Iowa City, was selected as one of 32 American Rhodes scholars on Nov. 22 from a field of 869 applicants; 90 are named worldwide.

Geyer, Kohen named 2015 AAAS Fellows

The honors will be presented at the February 2016 AAAS meeting
Two University of Iowa faculty members have been named fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Pamela Geyer, in biochemistry and obstetrics and gynecology, and Amnon Kohen, in chemistry, will be honored at the AAAS annual meeting in February.
teenage girl wearing hawkeye jersey

Hedrick girl, 16, to serve as honorary Kid Captain for Heroes Game

Reagen Kopsieker is a spunky, spirited 16-year-old who loves to spend her time shopping and on social media, a sharp contrast to the days after her birth, when her parents worried she wouldn’t live to see her first birthday.
pile of gummy worms

Never mind the sugar—how much fat?

UI researchers find women rely more on fat and less on sugar when deciding if a food is healthy
For most women, deciding if a food is healthy is much more about fat than sugar. University of Iowa researchers found that even when women know a food is high in sugar, they don’t rely much on that information.
pigeon detects cancer

CNN Pigeons as cancer detectors

A new study has found that pigeons are nearly as good as people at distinguishing cancerous breast tissue from normal breast tissue. The findings add to previous research into pigeons’ remarkable ability to discriminate between complex visual images and may lead to the birds being trained as medical image observers.

young woman and her grandfather embracing in car

NPR-Morning Edition A backseat biography of life and love

University of Iowa undergraduate student Kara Masteller interviews her grandfather, James Kennicott, about finding love and dealing with life after an Alzheimer's diagnosis for a UI course–related Intergenerational StoryCorps project—all from inside her Buick.

STAT Curry urges crackdown on glamorization of e-cigs

Sue Curry, dean of the University of Iowa College of Public Health and professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy, says there should be a crackdown on ads glamorizing electronic cigarettes.